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DMX UPDATE: Overdose Death, How His Family & Daughter are Doing AFTER He Dies

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DMX, the most well-known hip-hop artist, died a few months ago. The superstar was only 50 years old when he passed away on April 9th, 2021. He has a nice family who is heartbroken over his death. The great musician is sorely missed by the whole music business. He is the music world’s rap icon. He is the father of 15 children! How are they all doing now that their father has passed away? Furthermore, we’ve heard that someone else claims to be DMX’s daughter? Every DMX Update will be discussed in this article.

According to the hospital where he died in White Plains, New York, the Grammy-nominated artist died of “catastrophic heart arrest.”

After much conjecture on social media, DMX passed away last Friday. The 50-year-old

was in a vegetative state after suffering three heart attacks as a result of an overdose.

Steve Rifkind, his manager and the founder of Loud Records, had uncovered and confirmed the discovery. They remained hopeful until the very last moment, hoping as much as the supporters that he would recover.

Doctors had tried everything they could to preserve his life in the final days, doing many tests to determine the amount of brain activity and function. This was crucial since it was a fine line that may have determined his chances of survival.

According to initial reports, DMX overdosed on narcotics, however his longtime lawyer earlier stated that he didn’t know what caused the heart attack. DMX has struggled with substance abuse throughout his career. In 2019, the rapper canceled a series of gigs to enter a rehabilitation facility. His organization apologized for the canceled events and thanked his followers for their continuing support in an Instagram message.

What Has Been Happening To DMX Update?

According to reports, DMX, a 50-year-old rapper, suffered a heart attack on April 2nd. He suffered a cocaine overdose, which resulted in a heart attack, according to our findings. He was sent to the hospital right away. The rapper was in a coma for about a week in the hospital. His family chose to remove him from the life support system after the seventh day because his condition was not improving. The rapper was clearly hooked to narcotics, which had a significant impact on his personal and professional life.

DMX’s Survival And Losses After his Death!dmx update

DMX has amassed a large fortune throughout the years. However, he had also suffered significant setbacks. According to reports, the rapper was deeply in debt. He has 15 children with nine different women, and he has no doubt had to pay for them all. According to some estimates, when DMX died, his overall net worth was more than $1 million in the red. But don’t forget that he left behind hefty recording and publishing royalties totaling $17.7 million. As a result, he has left a substantial sum that will cover all of his bills as well as provide a substantial inheritance to each of his children. However, the artist has yet to make an estate plan. This will very certainly result in some future legal disputes.

Concerns About DMX’s Estate! DMX Update:

Five of DMX’s adult children filed a court petition in Westchester County Surrogate’s Court just a month after his death, requesting that the legal administrator take charge of their father’s huge fortune. Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden, as well as DMX’s three adult sons from Tashera Simmons, Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean, signed the petition. The application was submitted on May 10th, 2021.

Because DMX was never married and died without leaving a will, his estate will be divided evenly among his 15 offspring under New York law. However, it is still unclear how much each will receive. DMX must also pay all of his debts to the IRS and other creditors before his estate may be distributed.

Latest DMX Update:

The family of DMX, the Hip Hop artist and actor known by his stage name Earl Simmons released a statement today announcing that he passed away at 50-years old. The cause is unknown but there were no signs or indications before this tragedy struck leaving friends & fans alike in deep sadness over losing such an amazing personality from our world who uplifts everyone around them with their smile!”

  • Earl Simmons, better known by his stage name DMX, passed away at 50-years old
  • The cause is unknown, but there were no signs or indications before this tragedy struck
  • Friends and fans are left in deep sadness over losing such an amazing personality
  • DMX was known for his smile and uplifting presence around those he knew

Desiree, DMX’s seven-year-long life partner!dmx update

Desiree Lindstrom had been in a relationship with the rap sensation for nearly seven years. They also have a kid together, Exodus Simmons, who is DMX’s 15th child. However, the two had no intention of marrying, thus Exodus will be left with nothing from his late father. Desiree filed a petition in the New York Supreme Court to be recognized as DMX’s “common-law” spouse. Her petition was eventually refused by the court. As a result, Desiree is powerless over DMX’s estate.

Another child claiming to be DMX’s daughter has been discovered!

There’s already a lot of commotion surrounding DMX’s land and estate. His 15 children are all waiting in line for justice in front of the court. All of them are demanding a portion of their late father’s fortune. But, in the midst of it all, there’s someone else who claims to be DMX’s daughter!

Raven Barmer-Simmons, like the rapper’s other 15 children, has filed a legal claim to recover her estimated share of the rapper’s estate. She has also attempted to contact the rapper’s other 15 children to inform them that she is a member of their family. Not only that, but she is adamant about her claim to be a descendant of DMX. She will shortly undergo a paternity test, which will confirm her status as their sister. The court has stated unequivocally that she must first submit an authentic DNA test in order to verify her allegation is correct. If she can establish that her claim is true and correct, she will be given a piece of DMX’s estate.


We’ve been told that DMX was dealing with legal and financial issues and that he was $1 million in debt. How did he become famous and well-known? In the 1990s, though, his career took off. He’d also been arrested for tax evasion, animal cruelty, and narcotics possession on several occasions.

In 2013, he even went to a Manhattan court to petition for bankruptcy. In 2018, he was sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to evading taxes in a federal prosecution.

Because DMX had not regained strength or any brain activity, his family chose to remove life support; the decision was primarily made by his mother.

Given that he was previously a Grammy-nominated musician, it’s heartbreaking to see how his life had turned him.

Arnett, DMX’s fiancée Desiree Lindstrom, his ex-wife Tashera Simmons, Yadira Borrego, the mother of two of his children, and his children had grown close and were spending time with him in his final days.

Update of 15 June:

DMX’s family has not released any information about his current state of health, but it is widely reported that he remains in a coma and on life support at the moment.

A publicist for DMX confirmed with AP that Earl “Simmons” was admitted last week to White Plains Hospital due to complications from diabetes complicated by asthma.”

“We ask that you please keep Earl/ DMX and us in your thoughts, wishes, and prayers as well as respect our privacy as we face these challenges.”

DMX is one of the best artists of all time, according to V103 Radio host DJ Greg Street. He has five No. 1 albums since his breakthrough year in 1998.

“Being able to properly express your feelings in song form and communicate it in such a way that people feel,” music industry veteran Big Tigger said. Starting with his breakthrough year of 1998, he has released five No. 1 albums. “DMX has influenced all around the globe. DMX was once the most popular rapper,” Street affirmed.

“He was one of the few that could actually rap and sell records.”

The thing that made DMX so successful was his ability to be vulnerable and honest in his music. “DMX didn’t shy away from who he was,” Big Tigger said. “A lot of artists try to put up this persona or this image that’s not really them, and I think that people appreciate the fact that he was just unapologetically himself.”

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