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How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2, Shortest Guide (Step-by-Step Guide)

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People usually consider time in relation to measurement. They perceive time as points in existence measured by descriptions like “past,” which came before the current moment or “present,” and everything after now or “future.”

Time is an elusive element that can only be found by exploring all 100 elements. It includes the four basic nutrients, but also has a fifth special power – allowing for nearly 60 combinations of items!

You can’t combine two specific elements in the game to unlock the Time element. The developer notes on the official “Little Alchemy 2 Hints” page for Time that players can only unlock it when they reach a certain progress level.

They instruct players to not worry about trying to reach it and instead “keep exploring in other directions!

” This advice actually makes perfect sense given that you must first experience time in the world you’re creating to collect the Time element.

This article is a part of LifeRejoice’s step-by-step ‘how to’ guide series for making Elements in Little Alchemy 2. Click here to check out more Little Alchemy 2 Element guides.

A Stitch in Time

The saying “a stitch in time” refers to a person taking immediate, decisive action today to prevent a problem from worsening over time.

For example, you stitch a small hole in the fabric to prevent it from growing into a large one. Without the concept of time, this saying wouldn’t exist even though it’s incredibly relevant to the current problem.

After all, the official guide doesn’t actually provide you with a step-by-step solution for grasping onto and collecting the Time element.

You have a small hole that needs to be stitched, but you don’t know the best method to complete the task…

Veteran players of the game know that if you remain patient and diligently make and collect elements, you eventually receive the Time element as an unlockable bonus. You merely need to collect 100 elements. The game even counts the four basic elements toward the total.

Making Time in Little Alchemy 2

If your collection doesn’t contain enough elements to achieve this goal today, you don’t need to worry. Use this list of element combinations to help you:

Air + Air = Pressure

Air + Earth = Dust

Air + Fire = Smoke

Air + Water = Mist

Earth + Earth = Land

Earth + Fire = Lava

Earth + Water = Mud

Earth + Lava = Volcano

Earth + Land = Continent

Fire + Fire = Energy

Fire + Mud = Brick

Earth + Energy = Earthquake

Earth + Earthquake = Mountain

Air + Energy = Heat

Pressure + Lava = Eruption & Granite

Air + Lava = Stone

Fire + Water = Steam

Water + Lava = Obsidian

Water + Water = Puddle

Water + Puddle = Pond

Water + Pond = Lake

Water + Lake = Sea

Water + Sea = Ocean

Air + Pressure = Wind

Pressure + Heat = Plasma

Pressure + Steam = Geyser

Dust + Fire = Gunpowder

Smoke + Brick = Chimney

Continent + Continent = Planet

Air + Planet = Atmosphere

Planet + Fire = Sun

Planet + Heat = Mercury

Planet + Ocean = Primordial Soup

Planet + Stone = Moon

Planet + Sun = Solar System

Planet + Volcano = Venus

Primordial Soup + Energy = Life

Sun + Atmosphere = Aurora & Sky

Sun + Energy = Solar Cell

Sun + Moon = Eclipse & Sky

Sun + Ocean = Salt

Sun + Pressure = Black Hole

Sun + Sky = Day

Sun + Solar Cell = Electricity

Sun + Stone = Meteoroid

Sun + Water = Rainbow

Rainbow + Rainbow = Double Rainbow!

Rainbow + Life = Magic

Rainbow + Water = Paint

Atmosphere + Water = Cloud

Cloud + Water = Rain

Water + Life = Plankton

Cloud + Cloud = Storm

Storm + Storm = Tornado

Tornado + Ocean = Hurricane

Storm + Lake = Wave

Storm + Land = Lightning

Cloud + Earth = Fog

Water + Mountain = River

River + Mountain = Waterfall

River + Rain = Flood

Sea + Earthquake = Tsunami

Sea + Heat = Current

Sea + Moon = Tide

Sea + Sky = Horizon

Sea + Volcano = Island

Island + Island = Archipelago

Air + Stone = Sand

Sand + Earth = Sandstone

Sand + Fire = Glass

Sand + Land = Desert

Sand + Mud = Clay

Sand + Sea = Beach

Sand + Storm = Sandstorm

Sand + Wind = Dune

Desert + Lake = Oasis

Desert + Mountain = Pyramid

Desert + Planet = Mars

Clay + Life = Human

Desert + Life = Animal

Glass + Human = Glasses

Glass + Magic = Crystal Ball

Glass + Mars = Telescope

Glass + Water = Aquarium

Glass + Rainbow = Prism

Glass + Sand = Hourglass

Heat + Air = Warmth

Heat + Animal = Lizard

Heat + Stone = Metal

Metal + Air = Rust

Metal + Atmosphere = Rocket

Metal + Earth = Plow

Metal + Glass = Mirror

Metal + Human = Tool

Metal + Electricity = Wire

Metal + Life = Robot

As you can see, you collect 100 elements by simply stacking elements in every possible combination. This list has a few extra elements thrown in for fun!

The icon for Time should have appeared by now as a golden pocket watch wrapped in two rings that feature miniature planets orbiting along with them. When the icon pops up, you’re told that Time represents “THE FOURTH DIMENSION.”

Why Is Time Critical in “Little Alchemy 2”?

Scholars believe that people started to use the word “time” during the 12th century. Prior, ancient peoples described and measured time in different ways.

They observed the movements of the Sun, Moon, and other solar bodies, the passing of seasons, and the growth and deterioration of things. They realized that the idea of time could help them better understand and accept the cycles of life and death.

Without the concept of time in the real world and the game, you wouldn’t have Dawn or Twilight because both of these events involve the passage of time as the Earth rotates and orbits the Sun. An hourglass and a clock only work because people divided days into hours, minutes, and seconds of time.

Without time and the points of reference associated with its passing, family trees wouldn’t exist since they’re used to track family history. All of history would cease to exist from the human perspective.

With no ability to conceive of or reference the past, people would only understand that the current moment, now, represents all of their existence.

In “Little Alchemy 2,” you can make 40 unique elements with the Time element:

Time + Primordial Soup = Life

Time + Life = Death

Time + Sun = Day

Time + Sky = Moon

Time + Moon = Night

Time + Twilight = Night

Time + Night = Dawn

Time + Dawn = Day

Time + Day = Night & Twilight

Time + Container = Hourglass

Time + Glass = Hourglass

Time + Sand = Hourglass

Time + Electricity = Clock

Time + Machine = Clock

Time + Tool = Clock

Time + Wheel = Clock

Time + Corpse = Bone & Skeleton

Time + Bone = Fossil

Time + Grave = Fossil

Time + Skeleton = Fossil

Time + Lizard = Dinosaur

Time + Dinosaur = Bird & Fossil

Time + Pterodactyl = Bird

Time + Duckling = Duck

Time + Volcano = Eruption

Time + Rain = Flood

Time + Ice = Glacier

Time + Ocean = Tide

Time + Sea = Tide

Time + Bee = Honey

Time + Flower = Fruit & Seed

Time + Plant = Tree

Time + Grass = Peat

Time + Swamp = Peat

Time + Peat = Coal

Time + Fossil = Petroleum

Time + Animal = Sloth

Time + Monkey = Human

Time + Family = Family Tree

Time + Human = Corpse

Time + Campfire = Ash & Smoke

Time + Fruit = Mold

Time + Bread = Mold

Time + Vegetable = Mold

Time + Juice = Alcohol

Time + Milk = Cheese

Time + Wine = Vinegar

Time + Farm = Ruins

Time + Castle = Ruins

Time + City = Ruins

Time + House = Ruins

Time + Hospital = Ruins

Time + Skyscraper = Ruins

Time + Village = Ruins

Time + Fairy Tale = Legend

Time + Story = Legend

Time + Deity = Father Time

All the Time in the World!

Another common time-related saying is that “time waits for no one.” Yet, in this case, you have no deadline. You have as much time as you desire to explore new elements in “Little Alchemy 2.” Why not continue with the elements you made with Time?

For example, Cheese, which forms by aging milk over time, makes many other cheese-based elements, including Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Grilled Cheese, Mac and Cheese, and Pizza.

With Alcohol, you can make Bottle, Beer, Perfume, Sugar, and Wine. You also discover the Greek god Dionysus.

You can find the Egyptian sun god Ra and a Sundial, elements that relate to the movement of the Sun and the passage of time, with the Day element.


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