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Moon Knight Has Been Recast by Marvel Comics as a Female Protagonist, Know About the Interesting Comics Book

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In the future, Moon Knight will become a member of the Avengers of the Multiverse, but it won’t be Marc Spector donning the cape.

A preview for Avengers Forever #3 reveals that a female incarnation of the Fist of the Khonshu will appear in the issue. Mariama Spector is her name, although it is unknown whether or not she is connected to the Moon Knight of Earth-616, nor is it known how significant of a role she will play in the series written by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder.

The events of Avengers #50 set the stage for Avengers Forever, which finds Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider transported to a dystopian Earth. There, he must defeat the Multiversal Masters of Evil with the assistance of the Avengers of the Multiverse, including Moon Knight, Vision, the Infinity Thing, Wonder Man, Deathlok, and Tony Stark, who is an archaeologist in this universe while wearing the Ant-Man suit.

Those who are seeking for something with a little less multiversal crazy will have plenty of opportunities to follow the traditional Moon Knight’s exploits when they come out in March and April. On March 2, the ninth issue of the ongoing Moon Knight series written by Jed Mackay and illustrated by Alessandro Cappuccio will be released.

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In the meantime, the crossover event known as The Devil’s Reign will continue on March 9 with the release of the one-shot titled Devil’s Reign: Moon Knight #1. In this issue, Marc Spector will be held captive in the high-tech Myrmidon. On the last day of April, the anthology series Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood will start its run with a story written by former X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman. The series will consist of four issues.

You can find the complete solicitation, as well as a preview, for Avengers Forever #3 down below. The story for this issue was penned by Jason Aaron, while the artwork for it was created by Aaron Kuder, Cam Smith and Scott Hanna, Guru-eFX, and Cory Petit worked on the lettering. On March 2nd, it will be available in comic book shops.

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WAR FOR THE WASTELANDS! Written by JASON AARON and illustrated and colored by AARON KUDER, with a variant cover by ED MCGUINNESS.

Tony Stark is known as the “Unconquerable Ant-Man.” Robbie Reyes is a Ghost Rider who is unlike any other from anywhere else in the multiverse. He is constantly evolving and developing into the person he was always destined to be.

A Deathlok that defies death and lives on. A Wonder Man with a pair of vicious fists. A Vision only partially realized. The Problem with Infinity In a world dominated by the Black Skull, they are the only thing that can be considered to be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes while working together. On the other hand, on this day, which is unlike any other day, they will have to suffice.

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