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The Maxim Season 2 of Parasyte, Nicknamed “Maxim,” Has Been Canceled? Why Isn’t the Anime Coming?

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Parasyte: The Maxim Season 1

Parasyte: The Maxim Season 1 was released in 2014, it’s a Horror series which have a total of 24 episodes, it’s a Japanese Animated series, Science Fiction, and Horror.

In the series, Teenager Shinichi Izumi is a high school student who lives in a quiet Tokyo neighborhood with his parents. His life changes when wormlike creatures, called Parasite, appear in our world, bent on taking over the brains of hum hosts by entering their ears or noses.

One such Parasite tries to crawl into Shinichi’s ear while he’s sleeping one night, but because of his earphones he got saved and the entry was blocked, so the creature- who got the name Migi- burrows into Shinichi’s arm instead, taking over control of his right hand. After when all these things happen, then Shinichi and Migi eventually form a bond and they worked together to survive in their unique circumstances.

The anime’s producers, Madhouse Studia (‘Death Note,’ ‘One-Punch Man,’ ), Moreover, the anime’s first season’s ending resembles the manga’s original ending. A second season may be difficult owing to the lack of raw materials.

Parasyte: The Maxim (Manga) was written by Hitoshi Iwaaki, Published by Kodansha. The magazine is “Morning Open Zoken (1988-1989)”, and Monthly Afternoon (1990-1995).

Parasyte: The Maxim (Anime Television Series)

Directed by: Kenichi Shimizu, Yang Byeeong-Gil, Hitoshi Haga, Yoshihiro Kanno, and Masayuki Mizutani.

Produced by: Toshio Nakatani, Hiroyuki Inage, Atsushi Kirimoto, Yuka Oshima, Sota Shioiri, Daisuke Fukada.

Written by: Shoji Yonemura

Music by: Ken Arai

Studio: Madhouse Studio


Why Maxim Season 2 is not coming?

It has been almost 7 years when the Season 1 of Parasyte: The Maxim was released on-screen. And currently, all the fans of Parasyte are eagerly waiting for its Season 2. Now, there’s a big question, that The Prasyte: The Maxim S2 will release?

On May 15, 2020, Netflix released the Parasyte: The Maxim anime’s all 24 episodes. Netflix may opt to renew the anime for a second season if it does well financially. If the anime is revived, Season 2 will have something new, because the manga was finished in 1995. It depends on Netflix if Season 2 can be released in 2022, if Netflix fails to renew it then there are fewer chances. Until then, you may need to view the anime’s two-part movie.

There were various types of reasons and discussions, because of which the makers rejected the return of Parasyte Anime Season 2. Therefore, it is evident that the producers canceled the series and they don’t have any kind of intentions to reverse their choice.

The main and primary reason for the cancellation of Season 2 is the lack of raw materials. The Madhouse Studio previously used all of them in the area of its Season 1. And the one sad news is that Hitoshi Iwaaki (Writer of the Manga), is no longer involved in the promotion of the manga after imparting a fitting end.



  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shinichi Izumi
  • Aya Hirano as Migi
  • Atsuko Tanaka as Ryokp Tamiya
  • Hiroyuki as Uragami
  • Kazuhiko Inhoue as Gotou
  • Kana Kimishima as Miyuki Sawashiro


Will the Parasyte: The Maxim 2 will release?

Unfortunately, there will be no release of Parasyte: the maxim Season 2. The plot of season 1 closed precisely where the manga finished, so, now no other stuff remains of the story and no Season 2 is going to release. Many of Parasyte’s fans and followers want it to get released, but because of the lack of story stuff and material, it can’t be continued.

It’s a big disappointment for all the fans of Parasyte: The Maxim.

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The Maxim Season 2 of Parasyte, Nicknamed “Maxim,” Has Been Canceled? Why Isn’t the Anime Coming?


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