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The Virus Fear Looms Large- Monkey Pox Could Be the Next Pandemic Outbreak.

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At present times the world is fighting one of the deadliest viruses called the COVID-19. Every front-line worker putting their life at risk has helped the world to recover from it by just 25% is already in danger again. Monkeypox a new disease that came up from the monkeypox virus can spread within certain kinds of animals and the human origin as well.

The exposure of showing the symptoms is quite similar to COVID as it starts within seven to fourteen days of effect. Though the frequency of this disease is claimed as very rare.

This monkeypox virus may easily spread from the handling of bushmeat or an animal bites or scratches, body fluids, contaminated objects, or close contact with an infected person. The disease looks quite similar to chickenpox. The study has shown that the smallpox vaccine is quite applicable to it.

What are its signs and symptoms to notify as monkeypox?

The early signs and symptoms are quite similar to COVID which include headache, muscle pain, fever, and fatigue. The best distinction can be done from chickenpox when the glands become swollen. These characteristics are visible near the ears, jaws, neck, or groin before the onset of the rashes. Limited Person to Person spread of infection has been reported to disease-endemic areas in Africa.

This virus was first identified in the year of 1958 as a pathogen of crab-eating macaque monkeys. During the period from 1 to 1979 more than 50 cases were reported altogether. More than two-thirds of these cases were reported in Zaire. Within the next, five to six years by 1986 more than 400 cases were reported in humans.

Studies claimed the primary route will be close contact with the infected animals or body fluids of those animals. The outbreak was first recorded from a prairie dog getting infected from an imported Gambian pouched rat, happily, no deaths occurred.

Treatments are always there for everything some just need time to be invented. In the European, Union tecovirimat is approved for the treatment of poxvirus including the monkeypox as well. BMJ Best Practice has recommended tecovirimat as the first-choice treatment for them. Empirical antibody therapy can also be used as a secondary precaution if suspected of zoster infection as well.

The epidemiology showed that the outbreak in West Africa is a clade endemic, It also happened the same in the parts of  Congo Basin as well as both the clades. Now the outbreak is going in West Africa this year only. Doctors are hoping that this don’t become a pandemic again.

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