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Netflix’s crime thriller ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks,’ created by David Bermejo, follows ex-army captain Tirso Abantos, who becomes engaged with local drug lord Sandro after his granddaughter Irene is injured by Sandro’s men. The Spanish series, originally named ‘Entrevas,’ follows Tirso’s efforts to defend Irene and her boyfriend Nelson from Sandro’s gang.

Created by David Bermejo, “Wrong Side Of The Tracks” in eight long episodes, tries to explore Irene and Nelson’s love story where a racist, prejudiced old man, Tirso Abantos, becomes their sole protector against the menacing drug lords and corrupt cops. While in the entire Season 1, there is no particular transformation in any character except Tirso, the narrative becomes extremely messy in bringing about a change. It could have been a captivating story but somehow turned out too melo-dramatic. Let’s explore the story further.

‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 1: Plot Summary

An ex-military man, Tirso Abantos, owns a hardware store in the neighborhood of Entrevías, where criminal activity is on the rise. Young college kids are distributing pills and hash for a drug lord named Sandro, who runs his operation from a nightclub called La Rosa. On Tirso’s birthday, Tirso’s children, Jimena and Santi, organize a small party along with the other members of the family. Tirso’s son, Santi, wants Tirso to hand over the ownership of his hardware store in Rufina Blanco to him so that he can manage the business as per his wishes. But even though Santi is struggling financially, Tirso refuses to part with his store and refuses to sell anything. At the birthday party, he finds out that his granddaughter, Irene, has dropped out of college and is dating a punk named Nelson from the neighborhood.

Recap of Wrong Side of the Tracks

Tirso Abantos’ birthday is the start of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks.’ His son, daughter, and family get together, only for the get-together to devolve into a dispute over Tirso’s riches. Irene, Tirso’s adopted daughter, phones him later to rescue her from “the block,” a notorious portion of Tirso’s neighborhood known as Entrevas. In a fit of rage, the ex-army captain discovers a pack of heroin in Irene’s bag and disposes of it. His granddaughter informs him that she and her boyfriend Nelson are being pursued by Sandro, the local drug king. If Nelson does not return the pack, the drug lord orders Ezequiel, a cop who works for him, to kill him.

Irene goes to see Sandro to settle the dispute, but she is raped by his men. Ezequiel, who adores Nelson’s mother Gladys, threatens Nelson with eviction if he wants to stay in the neighborhood. When Sandro finds Nelson isn’t dead, he demands money from Ezequiel to make things right. The cop pays Sandro to stop him from injuring Nelson for Gladys’ sake. However, the latter learns that Sandro’s men assaulted his girlfriend. To burn down Sandro’s drug distribution hub, he joins forces with Tirso and his two cronies, Pepe and Sanchs.

Sandro, enraged, strips Ezequiel and forces him to walk around the neighborhood to make a point. Ezequiel persuades Tirso to aid him in bringing down Sandro. Amanda, Ezequiel’s superior, succeeds in temporarily arresting Sandro to show him that he isn’t invincible. Tirso and his two companions try to locate Sandro’s drugs in order to destroy them in retaliation for hurting Irene. They come uncover a big amount of cash during their hunt and throw it away in front of a food bank without exposing their names. Irene begins to take oxycodone to cope with her experiences.

Ezequiel teams up with Nata and her lover Loko to burn down Sandro’s drug stash. Loko hesitates at first, but eventually learns that he must defeat Sandro in order to become the next drug boss. They find the supply’s supposed location, and Loko travels there, only to be killed by Sandro’s men. Nelson breaks up with Irene, believing that he is to blame for all of her troubles. He tells Irene that he alerted Tirso about her drug addiction and that she must keep away from him and the dangers he has created if she is to recover.

When Yeyo discovers the true identities of the Robin Hood gang and that Ezequiel is among them, Ezequiel tries to flee Entrevas. He eventually decides against eloping and goes to Amanda to report Sandro’s help. If he rejoins Sandro’s gang as a spy to track down “the Phantom,” an unidentified drug king who is more powerful than Sandro, Amanda promises him freedom from arrest.

Who Was The Phantom?

Ezequiel’s senior officer, Amanda Martos, revealed to Ezequiel that they had been keeping an eye on Ezequiel for four years and already knew that he was working as a snitch for Sandro. The Internal Affairs wanted to arrest Ezequiel, but Amanda thought Ezequiel could become an asset for the department and would lead them to Sandro’s boss or the person who had been running the cartel from the shadows. Amanda called this man “The Phantom,” as no one had ever seen him or knew his real name. According to Amanda, The Phantom contacts small gangsters from the neighborhood like Sandro and finances them with drugs, weapons, and other illegal items. Amanda needed Ezequiel’s help to get Phantom’s whereabouts from Sandro, which was why she sent him to La Rosa with a microphone taped to his chest. However, Sandro found out about the wire and decided to kill Ezequiel, but he was saved by a hooded man who shot Sandro and disappeared from the scene.

There was one point that Ezequiel missed in all these run-and-chases; when Tirso was following Sandro, he saw him carrying a black duffel bag, probably filled with money, to a lavish house in Las Ventillas. Tirso believed that Sandro was paying the drug money to the person for whom he was working for and wanted Ezequiel to investigate further, but a laid back cop like Ezequiel had no interest in it because of which the entire mystery around Phantom’s identity would now be explored in ‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 2.

Who Killed Sandro?

Sandro had humiliated Ezequiel in public and had been threatening to kill him, because of which Ezequiel wanted to get rid of Sandro. He knew that Tirso and his group, (also known as The Robin Hoods of Entrevías), were trying to get rid of Sandro, so Ezequiel came up with a plan to use their secret identity. He convinced a kid named Nata to dress up like the Robin Hoods and use a similar white van to destroy Sandro’s secret consignment that he was taking to Nogueras Square. Nata was skeptical of the operation yet decided to pursue it as she too had a mutual interest in destroying Sandro, as she wanted to take Sandro’s throne after he was dealt with. To burn Sandro’s consignment, Nata sent her boyfriend, Ahmed Khalil, aka, Loco.

In the meantime, Ezequiel arrested Tirso in order to create an alibi for him so that Sandro wouldn’t come after him, and everything was going perfectly until, on the night of the operation, Ezequiel found out that Nogueras Square was a trap set up by Sandro to catch the Robin Hoods. Ezequiel tried to save Loco’s life, but it was too late. He was shot dead by Sandro’s men, and it was the first death in the neighborhood in a very long time.

After Loco’s murder, Nata decided to avenge his death and planned a shootout with Nelson. She planted a gun in La Rosa, and while Sandro was dealing with Ezequiel, whom he had caught wearing a wire, Nelson appeared in the bar wearing a hood and shot Sandro in the head. Nelson discreetly left the bar while the police raided the place and arrested Ezequiel. We won’t see Ezequiel again in the next season because he was charged with corruption and will lose his job. He wanted to leave Entrevías for a long time, and maybe his dream would finally come true. He may get some legal relief, but that depends on how far Amanda is willing to go to help Ezequiel.

Short Ending Explanation Episode Wise

Episode 1

An enraged combat veteran is trying to safeguard his teenage granddaughter from drug traffickers who have entered his neighborhood.

Episode 2

When Irene returns home battered, Tirso sets out to seek justice for her. Nelson can still communicate with Irene this way. Tirso’s heroin disposal has ramifications.

Episode 3

Ezequiel may be seen holding Nelson at gunpoint. Tirso discovers that his granddaughter has been raped as well. The expectations of Santi’s wife force him to confront his father.

Episode 4

Tirso and Ezequiel had to work together to bring down the drug lord. Ezequiel’s link with Sandro is severed. A psychologist will examine Irene.

Episode 5

Tirso enlists Gladys’ assistance to gain access to the nightclub, believing Sandro is keeping his cocaine supply there. Irene uses negative coping techniques to cope with her experience.

Episode 6

Tirso puts Nelson’s work ethic to the test, and Gladys confronts Alicia, the owner of the house where she has been squatting. Nata gets her big break right there.

Episode 7

A journalistic investigation has been launched on the Entrevas Robin Hoods. Gladys listens to Alicia’s advice about men. Ezequiel sends Nata on a dangerous mission.

Episode 8

Nata embarks on a vengeance journey to extract her vengeance on Sandro. Tirso is shocked to learn that Irene is a heroin addict. Sandro’s henchman Yeyo follows a hunch to prove who the Robin Hoods are.

In the aftermath of Sandro’s death, the story may need a new villain to take the narrative further, and thus, the short clip also suggests the arrival of a new adversary, a real estate developer named Guillermo Salgado, who wants to buy the neighborhood and demolish it, probably to build high-rise skyscrapers and modernize Entrevías. Due to the increasing violence in the neighborhood, Pepe already wants to sell his cafe and most likely, more people will follow his lead for the same reasons. But Tirso, who had been determined not to leave Entrevías for the entire duration of Season 1, will so easily abandon his roots? Or will he raise his voice against Guillermo Salgado, leading to a potential rivalry between the two? Well, Season 2 will be able to tell you better.


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