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Coins, Gems, Boosts Bonus Revealed in Home Run Simulator Codes (June 2022); Updates

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Home run simulator rewards can be redeemed for gems that can be used to upgrade the character in the game. There are no expired codes yet.

Official Discord servers can also be joined for the game to get news, and updates and to chat with the other players.

Roblox Home Run Simulator was created by developer Halt Studios and was first released on May 11, 2022. 6742 visitors and 287 players added Home Run Simulator to the favorite list.

There are all valid and new codes:

  • 1000 likes: Code award > 5 minutes double coins (New)
  • Halt: Code reward > free Gems

Avoid players can move towards rebirth to get earnings and free boosts.


Free promo codes can be claimed from the list to get free cosmetics, powerups, and more. Developing new codes came out when there is a big update, event, festive, or milestone accomplishment. The home run simulator can be redeemed by pressing CTRL + D on the board and favorite by adding to the Bookmark button on the device.

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Avatar needs new clothes, hair, or something else which can be redeemed to get some great new stuff on the Free Items page.

50 % more coins for the premium players, and 10% more coins for playing in the VIP Servers. the last update for Roblox Home Run Simulator was on 9 June 2022. Estimated prices can be found in USD, GBP, or EUR which can be bought from the online store. This also gives a 50% boost of luck to unlock more levels and open to more creation.

A bookmark can be used by the players who will use the first players and simultaneously the new codes on Home Run Simulator before it can be expired.

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The badges were created by developer Halt Studios can’t create new badges and can’t develop into future roles. Coins and gems can be upgraded in hitting power, accuracy, and run speed. new bats and baseballs to increase the abilities can also be unlocked.

The server can be updated in the build of the game where the codes can be into working properly. The train will be able to increase the accuracy, strength, and speed. Character updation and awards can be earned by hitting the ball outside the park.

Rebirth can be used to increase the income and receive boots that can be helped to facilitate the train faster. Halt Studios released Home Run Simulator codes recently to celebrate the game’s popularity on the platform and game updates. For more updates stay tuned !!

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