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Everything You Need to Know About the Release of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 12, New Twist

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Fans undoubtedly loved Komi Can’t Communicate’s previous episode, which touched on a variety of topics. Fans appeared to enjoy Komi’s apparent enthusiasm in Shogi despite Yamai’s inappropriate theatrics, which was fascinating to behold. Following the conclusion of the aforementioned episode, viewers are now eagerly anticipating the subsequent episode in order to see how Komi and Tadano’s relationship will progress and evolve.

Fans can anticipate the next episode to be released in a few days based on the series’ rigorous release schedule for all of its episodes. What is known about Komi Can’t Communicate episode 12 is listed below.

The next episode of Komi Can’t Communicate will air on June 23, 2022 at midnight in Japan, according to the show’s release schedule. Unless unexpected events prevent the release from happening on time, the episodes will be issued as planned. The aforementioned episode will be accessible somewhere around July 13, 2022, according to the Netflix release schedule.

Because of that one specific incident from the previous episode, Komi didn’t want to go to school when the episode first started. However, her mother persuaded her to attend class because failing to do so would prevent her from maintaining a flawless attendance record. She made the decision to go to school, where Onemine welcomed her.

The latter commended her chocolates and received additional appreciation from several of her other pupils. She glared at Tadano as he welcomed her in the morning, trying to hide her embarrassment from the night before.

Tadano made a concerted effort to consider potential causes for her unhappiness. However, he took the decision to acknowledge her efforts for the chocolates she created, which caused Komi to bolt from the room. Being the pervert that she is, Yamai secretly shot photos of Komi. When she saw a minor tear in her tights, she escorted the girl to the bathroom. She assisted Komi and handed her a fresh pair.

But she quickly reverted to her improper behavior, stole her damaged tights, and fled the restroom. Onigashime’s day only got worse as she appeared to be rather irritated on her way to school. Komi caught her headphones from dropping into the sink, untangled them, and handed them to her just as she was going to lose it.

After that, Satou Amami came into focus in episode 11 of Komi Can’t Communicate. She is the kind of person who never refuses to help others and is always ready to do so. Many others abused her generosity and slacked off as a result. However, everything changed after a meeting with Tadano and Komi.

The two offered their assistance to Amami, who was thrilled to get help from her friends. Following that, Komi decided to study Katou’s book because she seemed to be interested in Shogi. Tadano also participated. However, because they had so many differences, the two were a little cranky.

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