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Everything you need to know about”Fire Emblem Warriors:Three Hopes”.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

33 hours of handful time taken into consideration for completion of Azure Gleam Path. Three hopes play a very important role part in giving such a type of information. Directly it’s the game in direct style, which is consist of taking the shortest path possible route to the final stage followed by the battle in each chapter.

A safe setup and build of a party need to be done carefully, expect to make your interest in the following content for some time, those which are to do at a minimum level can hold up a 30 hours mark.

Generally, time makes all the difference as completing battles is fairly standard, variation comes with the things when a player spends time on the outskirts of main quests like setting up character, equipment, and expeditions all are included. Achievement- system has been labeled with 450 tasks to complete, the players who complete these tasks can now consider as they claim 100% of the game.

All 3 paths which are consist of a part of most achievements will be completed naturally as the game goes on but there comes a few tricky achievements which add 10-20 hours to the game regular basis, all depending on the player’s skill and capabilities they may be able to unlock a serious additional chapter which comes by ” Hour of Vengeance” which was followed by the recruitment of a certain Fire Emblem. Three Houses character towards the end of chapter 10.

If players take the path of Black Eagles at the start of chapter 2, Then Edelgard is the leader of the Adrian Empire, who use to resent a church and attempts all things to destroy a system she believes to be both unjust and illogical.


If they choose the Blue Lions in chapter 2, the player’s beginning occurs on the Azure Gleam path. Dimitri, the justice leader of the holy kingdom of Faerghus, was looking for a better future for all of Fodlan The Golden Wildfire path is reserved for those who decided to choose to join the Golden Deer during their game’s second chapter. Claude, the Leicester Alliance leader wants to reunite Foldan’s three regions and strengthen the relationship between them.

Starting with the: Crossed Roads

1st chapter: A Chance Encounter

2nd chapter: Three Houses

3rd chapter: Crisis in Fhir diad​​​​​​​

4th chapter: To War!​​​​​​​

5th chapter: Skirmish in the Fog​​​​​​​

6th chapter: Conspiracy in the Air​​​​​​​

7th chapter: The King Awakens​​​​​​​

8th chapter: The Blood-Stained Lance​​​​​​​

9th chapter: Re-union at the Fortress City​​​​​​​

10th chapter: Fanaticism​​​​​​​

11th chapter: Reprisal​​​​​​​

12th chapter: A Trick of the Goddess​​​​​​​

13th chapter: Clash of Torment​​​​​​​

14th chapter: The Absent Emperor​​​​​​​

15th chapter: The End of Tragedy


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