Should You Purchase a Tablet With Lock-screen Ads From Amazon Fire? Ads on Amazon’s Tablets Allow You to Save a Little Extra Money, but Are They Really Saving You Any Cash?

Amazon’s Fire Tablets are a well-liked product line; in 2021 (according to Gizmochina), they held 9.5 percent of the market to themselves after selling 16.1 million devices, placing them at number four in market share. Competitive pricing is what’s fueling this expansion, and on Amazon Prime Day, those prices will fall even farther into the realm of impulse purchases.

The majority of Fire Tablets come in two price tiers: one with lock screen advertisements and the other without. They are inexpensive. Therefore, you might be tempted to choose a tablet that costs less in return for the adverts, but are the savings worthwhile?

If you choose the ad-supported tier, the advertisements are not only easy to ignore but also not overly bothersome. There won’t be a constant barrage of pop-up ads or notifications. Instead, each time you view the lock screen, a fresh advertisement will appear.

The advertisements serve as your lock screen wallpaper by displaying ebooks and other items that Amazon believes you’ll find interesting. You have the option to unlock your device normally or open the advertisement to see the merchandise. The biggest difference is the inability to set your lock screen wallpaper, which doesn’t significantly affect the device’s performance.

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The corporation lowers the price by $15 in return for advertisements, and the discount is consistent across the whole Amazon product line. Although $15 may not seem like much, if you’re on a tight budget, it might add up and be used to purchase a case and screen protector to preserve the tablet.

There’s no need to fear if you already bought a Fire Tablet with lock screen ads and later regretted it. The amount you saved at the time of purchase, $15, can be used on Amazon to eliminate the lock screen advertising. The good news is that getting rid of them is simple:

Go to your account on Amazon after signing in.
Click devices after opening the content and devices menu by scrolling down.
On the Fire Tablet, click.
In the bottom left corner of the screen, click delete offers.
You’ll receive a pop-up asking if you want to keep the offers or delete them for $15. Select “End Offers” and make the payment.
Restart the tablet once the transaction has been completed.
The wallpaper option from Amazon should take the place of the adverts. Instead, you can now use your photo as the lock screen wallpaper.

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Each user must ultimately decide whether to purchase the tablet with or without adverts, but we advise against doing so. Amazon has extensive user data, so the advertisements you see will be relevant to your interests. These advertisements may wind up costing you more than $15 throughout using the tablet unless you have a vice-like hold on your impulse purchases. Our recommendation is to pay the extra at the time of purchase, and if you already have an ad-supported Fire device, you might want to remove them.

Make sure you are aware of any restrictions associated with the finest Fire tablets, particularly those related to the operating system. You don’t want to purchase a tablet just to discover that it is incompatible with the apps you need.

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