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Skip and Loafer Anime: Manga to Media, Exciting Audience for the Anime Source

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Skip and Loafer anime: Teaser Video out

The authorized source of Skip and Loafer anime unleashed a piece of exhilarating information on the anime. Lately, the team of Skip and Loafer anime had announced a teaser video, cast details, and character designs.

The plot goes with a small-town girl going to a metropolitan city for high school. The adventures and the obstacles that she faces there are the central source of this anime.

Cast and crew details of Skip and Loafer anime

The manga for skip and loafer anime started on August 25, 2018. Some of the attributes of the source manga of the Skip and Loafer anime are Misaki Takamatsu has been the author of the manga of the anime. Kodansha has been a monthly magazine that is publishing manga of the anime. The Seven Seas Entertainment has obtained the issuance right of the manga, especially in North America.

The cast and crew of the anime from the teaser video have the lead characters Iwakura Mitsumi and Shima Sousuke. Akinori, the second lead character is very smug in the anime. The director is Kotomi Deai. The production works are managed by PA Studio. Takatsugu Wakabayashi is the composer of music in Skip and Loafer anime. The digital media distribution rights have been taken by Seven Seas entertainment. They are to release Skip and Loafer in the English language.

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Skip and Loafer anime: Storyline

Iwakura Mitsumi the protagonist of the anime, is an outstanding student who excels in academics. Though, she is a small-town girl she has bigger ambitions in life. Therefore, she moves to the metropolitan city of Tokyo. Her high school degree in Tokyo city gets her entrapped in the new tempers of the big cities.

Besides this entanglement, she plans to raise to new heights. Especially in her career but not everything goes well as she planned. And then there comes Shima Sousuke, a very handsome boy who is detached from his other high school friends. This plot eventually leads to various questions. Will Iwakura gets comfortable in city life? Will she be capable of achieving her high-standard dreams? The high point here tenses the audience desperate to wait for the anime.

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Release Date

The release date has still been a mystery. Because the production team didn’t give the game away of Skip and Loafer anime’s release date. The approaching months are the waiting period for the audience to expect the film.

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More to Know

The Skip and Loafer anime manga ranked in 7th place for male readers in the 2020 edition. It was also nominated for both the 13th Mango Taiso awards and the best general manga category of Kodansha’s 44th annual manga awards in 2020.

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