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The New Wave of the “ I’m Quitting Heroing Special” Episode; the Release Date Is Here, Shocking Details

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I’m Quitting Herring

It is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Quantum. It was later published by Fujimi Shobo in three volumes under the Kadokawa Books imprint.

The light novel and manga are licensed in North America by Kadokawa. The anime series is adapted by EMT and premiered in April 2022.

The characters in the series:

  • Leo Demonheart
  • Echidna
  • Steina
  • Edward
  • Milnes

Leo is a hero who once saved the world from a demon army’s invasion. He was feared by people afterward and ended up with no job at all.

Leo is the strongest of all of the Twelve Demonheart Series. He is the male protagonist of the Yuusha, Yamemasu series.

Leo’s struggle to achieve his purpose in life and continue to be alive and didn’t intend to become the specific thing he was created to destroy is pretty self-portraying. The steady evolution of time is depicted with smooth, transitional animations.

heroing trend

I’m Quitting Herring depicts a generic workplace comedy twist on more generic anime fantasy tropes. The main character “Leo Demonheart” of the Demon Queen’s generals portrays a powerful personality with a considerate nature. Leo single-handedly took out not only the Demon Lord’s army but the Demon Lord and her four generals as well.

Shortly after confronting Leo about his intentions in joining the Demon Army under Echidna, Marines decides to draw out more information by sharing his own story first. Born with mixed demons and human heritage, Marines were sold into slavery at a young age due to past failures.  Marines’ abuse at the hands of those in control led him to develop a deep hatred for humankind.

Hearts are torn apart when the circumstances Leo faced are being showcased and the concluding decisions he had to make for the sake of the innocent population are in keeping mind all the possibilities.


The opening theme of the series is “Broken Identity” by Minori Suzuki which resulted in a hit.

Feeling the skills would be better appreciated somewhere, he joins the demon lord’s army that he once fought with to overcome. Gradually Leo strives to use his skills and revive the demon army that is on a wave of collapse.

I’m Quitting Herring is currently streaming on HIDIVE. Episode 11 of the I’m Quitting Herring anime has been released on Tuesday, Jun 14, 2022.

The latest episode will release on Tuesday, 21 June 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest episodes and more !!!

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