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What You Need to Know About the Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task: Episode 13; the Upcoming Episode Will Expand on This Element

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To Become a Real Heroine! is an anime series based on HoneyWorks’ song, “Heroine Tarumono!” The story portrays Hiyori, who comes to Tokyo to pursue her track and field passion and eventually discovers two of her classmates are idols of the LIP x LIP duo.

They try to balance track and school. Friends and secrets to brutal and the real question is whether she will be able to handle this or not.

Characters of the anime are:

  • Yūjirō Someya
  • Aizō Shibasaki
  • Nagisa Shiranami
  • Ken Shibasaki
  • Sena Narumi
  • Mona Narumi

 There is a mix of comedy, power, seinen, drama, and romance that makes it worth a watch. The protagonist “Ossan” is a handsome man who is divorced and living together with his daughter Min-Chan, he is one day sucked by his toilet and transported into another world.

There, he is given the power of a hero and has the task to save the earth from villains. When Hiyori first gets a glimpse of Yujiro in the city, Hiyori is shown walking through town during nightfall, compared to Romeo: Prologue showing her riding her bicycle in daylight. She also encounters Chizuru during this which changes the ray of the storyline.

Her sole aim in life is to become a member of Japan’s Track Team and pursue her passion for running. Due to her family’s poor financial condition, she decides to take a part-time job as a Manager for two stubborn Idol members of the Lipxlip Idol Group, Yuujirou, and Aizu. These are also her classmates in High School. After sacrificing her hard-earned money for the sake of her dream, she takes a job as a Training Manager for two stubborn members of the Lipxlip Idol Group, Yuujirou.

Noriko Hashimoto serves as director while Tokyo MX, Mainichi Broadcasting System, and BS Fuji plan to begin airing the series in Japan in April 2022.


Crunchyroll announced that the series would receive an English dub, which premiered on April 21 and is produced by the in-house cast in Texas in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming episodes and exclusive statements.

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