Finding Bogus Amazon Reviews and Avoiding Con Artists, Know All Details About It

On Amazon, there are millions of items out for purchase. It can be difficult to choose which of these items to purchase, especially if it’s a product, brand, or supplier you’re not familiar with. Making decisions about purchases can be aided by reviews, but only if they are authentic.

It’s vital to look past the 1- to 5-star rating at the top of the listing while shopping on Amazon. What you need to know about phoney reviews, why they happen, and why it matters is provided here.

It’s more common than you might expect for Amazon reviews to be fake, and there are entire websites devoted to sorting out these purposefully misleading ratings.

Fraudulent reviews, according to Lisa Sabatini, an editor on Insider’s Reviews team, are appraisals of a product made by fake customers. Sabatini observed that “often they are exceptionally bright or negative.” Even if the reviewers themselves haven’t bought or utilised the goods, they may have authored these evaluations on behalf of a company or third-party seller.

Additionally, those who have really purchased or used the goods write false reviews. According to Sabatini, “in some circumstances, the vendor.

will get in touch with the buyer and ask them to write a particularly glowing report.” These users might get free products and refunds in exchange.


There are a number of causes for bogus reviews. They are occasionally employed by companies and independent vendors to trick consumers into buying their goods, according to Sabatini.

According to Sabatini, “These reviews frequently overestimate a product’s value and quality.” On the other hand, retailers and businesses use unfavourable false reviews as a technique to deter customers from purchasing a rival brand’s goods.

There are various reasons why you should be concerned about phoney reviews, regardless of whether you’re a customer or an Amazon shop. Sabatini made the point that unimpressive products with fabricated ratings may appear at the top of search results when there are fraudulent reviews.

A product with more 4- and 5-star reviews may rank better in the search results than one with only a few positive ones since Amazon’s search algorithm doesn’t always screen out fraudulent reviews, even if the product with more reviews primarily includes bogus ones.

This harms customers who might not be able to spot phoney reviews and might wind up buying a subpar product. This may also harm Amazon sellers who, although offering higher-quality goods, may struggle to stand out from the crowd due to phoney favourable ratings. Retailers may also suffer if phoney negative reviews of their goods are posted by rivals.

While recognising false reviews isn’t an exact science, Sabatini says there are some warning signs to watch out for:

Take a look at the ratio of one- to five-star reviews. It is odd if 70% of the reviews have 4 or 5 stars and 30% have 1-star ratings.

Verify whether the reviews are ambiguous. Reviews that are overwhelmingly enthusiastic or negative but don’t explain why they are good or poor (such as “Love it!” “Great,” or “Horrible!”) can be false.

A warning sign is if the review references a rival product. For instance, it’s suspicious if a user advises not to purchase a product but rather to look into a different brand.

Take the product’s popularity into consideration. If a relatively unheard-of or less well-liked product has thousands of evaluations, it’s worthwhile to read those reviews in more detail.

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