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Fuuto Pi Anime is Release Date Confirmed in 2022? Now Know Whether the Sequel to Kamen Rider W Will Be Shown in the Anime or Not

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Riku Sanjo wrote the script, Masaki Sato illustrated it, and Yousuke Kabashima directed it. Fuuto Tantei is another name for Fuuto Pi. Fuuto Pi will have both Dub and Sub available at the same time.

This is one of the best action drama animes that you should see. However, this anime is already available in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits and has a large number of volumes to enjoy. We’ll go through the most recent Fuuto Pi updates and all you need to know about it.

In 2021, an anime television series adaptation was announced. Kai Animation created the series. This was popular for a while until they chose to reveal the premiere date of this anime and the release date of its first episode. Tatsuta Higuchi composed the series, and Hidekazu Ebina designed the animation characters.

The series’ music was composed by Taro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse. This anime will also be available on the U-NEXT service in August 2022, seven days before it premieres on Tokyo MX. The opening theme tune, “Private Eye,” was performed by Big Gadgets.

This anime series was also worked on by Funimation, however, things changed when it was shifted to Crunchyroll. Muse Communication has licensed it for usage in South Asia. This anime tells the story of two lads who change into monsters to protect their city from strange monsters.

Since they began working together, Shotaro and Raito have flipped the world of monsters upside down. However, a chance encounter alters Shotaro’s life, and his boss chooses to join the inquiry. Let’s find out more about this anime down below.

Synopsis of Fuuto Pi

Shotaro Hidari’s quest continues after Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel. Shotora began working as a private investigator for the Narumi Detective Agency. Raito Philip Sonozaki has joined Shotaro as a partner.

Shotaro realized that Raito was the lone survivor of the Sonozaki family. Raito is an excellent employee who has access to the Gaia Library. They became the best duos and were given the name Kamen Rider W. As the Kamen Raider W, they agreed to safeguard Fuuto from the Dopants. According to the couple, Dopants are unknown monsters created by Gaia Memories.

To solve the cases, Shotaro and Raito collaborated with their boss, Akiko Terui. Akiko and her husband, Ryu, chose to participate in one of the investigations. Ryu became a police officer and was given the name Kamen Rider Accel.

However, after a few days of hard effort, Shotaro was wandering when he met an amnesiac pink-haired girl named Tokime. Tokina is one of the citizens that have been targeted by the Dopants. Tokina is in danger, so Shotaro decides to save her from the monster. After rescuing her, Shotaro introduced Tokime to the others, and Tokime was hired as an assistant at Narumi Detective Agency.

They were happy to see Tokime, but they had no idea they had invited problems into the office. But they didn’t lose up on Tokime since she was an innocent girl who had lost her way and needed direction to get back on track.

Shotaro and Raito were working on something when they came across some unexpected news. They’ve learned that Tokime has ties to the enigmatic Aurora Dopant. The boss and the workers decided to keep a careful eye on Tokime to discover the source of the Dopants. Shotaro is intrigued by Tokime’s link to a monster and chooses to explore to save her.

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