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Know the Officially Confirmed News of Pppppp Chapter 43 Release Date – Don’t Miss Out on Watching This Interesting Upcoming Episode

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One of the best Japanese musical manga Series is PPPPPP written and directed by Mapollo 3.

PPPPPP chapter 43 release date and time have been announced. Most of the fans are eagerly waiting with a lot of curiosity to know what will happen in the next upcoming chapter of PPPPPP is chapter 43.

Read this article to know the information about its release date and time.

The PPPPPP is a popular series that is published by Shueisha and serialized in the weekly Shannon jam magazine. It has a lot of chapters released one by one and all these chapters are collected into volumes, so far there are three volumes in the series.

This series was initially released on September 17, 2021, and then till now it had released 42 new chapters in this meantime and now everyone is waiting for its new chapter 43 release date.

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Release date of PPPPPP chapter 43:

The popular Japanese music series called PPPPPP is going to release soon. The PPPPPP’s chapter 43 Will be available to read online from July 31, 2022.

Start a countdown for its release date, the countdown goes with just four days yes it is going to release on July 31, 2022. There are only four days left so fans get ready for its release.

As this music series gained popularity in recent times because manga series production has increased especially in the lockdown likewise this PPPPPP series began its travel in September 2021 and gained a huge fan base.

The New Episode:

The upcoming episode will come with more twists and turns and there are many incidents that are based on the events of previous chapters. This new chapter 43 of PPPPPP will amaze its fan with its plot.

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The storyline goes with Lucky Otogami who is one of the seven children, and all love piano. But after the divorce Lucky father took all the siblings with him and left him with his mother.

Lucky’s siblings became prodigies while lucky was forced to live an abusive life in a relative’s home after his mothers went into a coma. Later he decides to become a professional pianist so that his mother can see him playing piano with his siblings.

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