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No More Crypto Currency Payments in Restaurants : Read to Know More About This Interesting Restaurant

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Bored and hungry is a Fast Food restaurant in Long Beach, California, that accepts payments in cryptocurrency. This restaurant adopted the aesthetics of cryptocurrency trends, including adorning bored Ape cups and plates with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But now this restaurant stopped accepting NFT payments and resumed the use of US dollars for its payment.

The Bored and Hungry Restaurant:

This Bored and Hungry fast Food restaurant, when started in April it was designed to feature bored Ape NFT artwork and walls covered in Memes to reflect all the aesthetics connected with the cryptocurrency era and it also accepted cryptocurrency payments. They also made announcements about this payment in April but now all of a sudden they stopped accepting the cryptocurrency payments. When people and media enquired about this switch, there was no reply from its holder, and even workers over there have no idea about this like they don’t know the reason behind this change.

This NFT- theme-based restaurant stop accepting cryptocurrency after the NFT and cryptocurrency crash that has already cost a lot of people significant money invested. Many investors are now taking a step back to invest in cryptocurrency because of this crash, but at the same time, even some people are interested to invest in it, hoping it would survive the crash. So considering this issue people think that the NFT theme based restaurant stopped accepting cryptocurrency payments.

No More Cryptocurrency payments:

Bored and Hungry fast food restaurant in Long Beach is named after the bored Ape NFT, which was a new idea and popular in the last few years. Here while you can pay for your food with regular US dollars, the restaurant menu also listed prices in cryptocurrencies for the food. Now, here comes the ironic situation for this restaurant which forced them to stop accepting cryptocurrencies.

As you all know about the cryptocurrency crash that happened so in this situation if, this bored and hungry restaurant accepts cryptocurrency instead of US dollars the would go into loss. So this NFT theme-based restaurant no longer accepts crypto payments and resumed using US dollars. Overnight this change has been made, there is no proper response from workers and the owners regarding this, but many say it is only because of this crash. on the other side this crash and all the cryptocurrency payments issues made this restaurant famous.

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