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Review of the Ring Indoor Camera: a Wonderful Addition to Your Alexa-enabled Smart Home

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The Ring Indoor Cam is the first indoor-only camera from the Amazon-owned firm. The Ring may be best known for its Ring Video Doorbell Range, but the smart camera manufacturer has been rapidly expanding its product line.

Can the Ring Indoor Cam upend the smart camera market with its low pricing and features that are often reserved for premium smart security cameras? We think it has potential—go on reading to find out why.

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Price and accessibility

The Ring Indoor Cam is the least expensive camera in the Ring lineup and is significantly less expensive than the majority of other smart security cameras on the market in 2020 while providing a comparable level of functionality. It costs £49 or $59.99. It may be purchased from Ring, as well as places like Amazon and other independent merchants in the US, the UK, and other nations.

Without a doubt, the Indoor Cam delivers excellent value for money, but you should consider the £2.50/$2.50 monthly cost because important features, including the ability to access recordings from the previous 30 days, are unavailable without the subscription.

Although it is significantly less expensive than other smart security cameras—some of which cost as much as £10/$10 per month—there is still a monthly fee in addition to the price of the camera.

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As little as a mini-Coke can

The Ring Indoor Camera offers many of the capabilities of high-end smart security cameras at a significantly lower price range while being amazingly small and functional. The camera is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. Its shape is reminiscent of a small 200ml can of coke, so it can be placed almost anywhere in the house without calling too much attention to itself.

Since the Indoor Cam, unlike the Ring Doorbell 2, only comes in one finish, it will depend on whether the dazzling white of the body conflicts with the color scheme of the room it is put in. Although the Amazon-owned company has announced that a black version will be released shortly, don’t plan on buying one right now.

A black panel that houses the camera, microphone, speaker, and indicator LED is located on the front of the camera. If you fully commit to the Ring ecosystem, or the “Ring of Security,” as the business describes it, it will give you an aspect of synchrony across your smart home. This includes the Ring Door View Cam, Video Doorbell Pro, and Video Doorbell Elite.

We have a little bit of a problem with the previously mentioned LED indicator. The Indoor Cam detects activity, starts recording, and illuminates the bright LED indicator to let you know when someone is viewing live. Even if an interior security camera has a lot of useful privacy-focused functions, we can’t ignore the fact that if it’s installed in a busy space of the house like the living room, it could be highly distracting.

Similar functionality is offered by other security cameras, such as the Logitech Circle 2, but they also have the option to extinguish the LED if necessary, which is not yet feasible through the Ring app. Even though it’s a somewhat unimportant issue overall, Ring must take it into account when switching from smart doorbells and outside cameras to indoor cameras.

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