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A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 14 Review, Officially Release Date Confirmed Walls Are There to Be Overcome!!

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Episode 13, which is the primary episode of the second part of A Couple of Cuckoos, was frankly very disappointing. It zeros in a lot on the drama aspect of the story, and just conveys a handful of parody. So ideally this episode can avoid this same issue that has been plaguing various episodes of A Couple of Cuckoos.

Assuming we utilize the patterns that the showrunners have been utilizing up to this point, episode 14 ought to in any case be a drama-centric episode. Yet, episode 13 finishes with a promising improvement for Erika, so ideally, this episode can give a vastly improved watching experience than the past one. We should perceive how great, or bad, this episode actually is through this review of episode 14 of A Couple of Cuckoos.

Previously on A Couple of Cuckoos

Episode 13 spotlights heavily on Nagi’s concern of concluding who it is that he actually cherishes between the three young ladies. He can’t quit mulling over everything to the point that he can never again concentrate during an exam. Subsequently, he ranked 13th in his class without precedent for his life, and that totally broke him. The fact that Hiro unexpectedly starts to disregard him after that main makes things more awful.

It required very some investment, yet finally, after some nagging, Erika managed to bring Nagi’s soul back up. And incidentally, Hiro is actually a piece jealous because Nagi depends more on Erika than on her. Thankfully, Nagi managed to talk to Hiro and explain his situation, and their relationship returned to normal again. As you can see, a seriously unremarkable episode.

Walls Are There To Be Overcome!!

The tale of episode 14 can be isolated into two distinct parts. The initial segment is way longer than the second one, however, the second one is arguably more important than the first. In the initial segment, Erika admits to Nagi that her grades at school are horrible and in the event that she can’t fix it, her father will ask her to move out of the house and live back with her parents. So she asks Nagi to assist her with her review.

Nagi was very reluctant to teach Erika from the outset. He even abandons her midway through the review meeting. In any case, seeing her determination, he finally agrees to teach her as far as he could. After that, the second part of the story centers around Nagi and Sachi assisting their parents by selling food at a local festival.

This part should be about Nagi and Sachi having some quality time together. However, at that point, Hiro comes into the image and asks Nagi out on the town after the festival. While Sachi is apparently mad, that isn’t the main issue. The main issue is the fact that Nagi presents Sachi as his younger sibling to Hiro. Because not long after that, Sachi is walking around with Erika when they coincidentally find Hiro. And very much like Nagi, Erika also acquaints Sachi as her sister with Hiro. Now that is an issue.

The Plot Finally Thickens

The tale of A Couple of Cuckoos has been moving rather aimlessly for a long while now. While there are a few decent turns of events, there is by all accounts next to zero movements at all to the overall story. In any case, that’s all about to change thanks to the second part of episode 14.
As you might’ve read from the past segment, the fact that Hiro, an untouchable, accidentally learns about Nagi and Erika having the same younger sibling is a major plot improvement. It makes the way for countless conceivable outcomes of how the story will turn out in the ensuing episodes.

Because of this occasion, Hiro could finally be aware of Nagi and Erika’s situation. Yet, assuming that’s the case, what about her own relationship with Nagi which has been going very well up to this point? There are countless intriguing places to take this story. So indeed, the plot finally thickens.

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