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Disney’s Vought Trolls With the Soldier Boy’s Red Thunder Trailer, Know The Latest Info

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The article that follows contains The Boys season three spoilers. Despite the fact that the fourth season of The Boys won’t begin until the following year, the kind people running Vought International’s social media pages are doing their best to uphold the show’s reputation as being the exact opposite of Disney/Marvel and Warner/DC with the aid of a throwback provided by Soldier Boy.

The Boys’ fourth season won’t premiere until the following year, but with the help of a throwback provided by Soldier Boy, the kind individuals in charge of Vought International’s social media pages are doing their best to uphold the show’s reputation as being the complete opposite of Disney/Marvel and Warner/DC.

The Boys’ corporate social media account recently tweeted about Vought’s new streaming service to make fans smile at Warner Bros. Discovery’s handling of the cancellation of Batgirl and its continued plans for DC. This most recent attempt makes fun of Disney’s corporate leaders as well as other opponents of the Supes in the trailer for Soldier Boy’s made-up “Red Thunder.”

In language that would make Ashley Barrett proud, Vought’s meme account asserts that the company has listened to fan feedback and has made the “brave choice” of bringing back an old favorite from its disgraced hero, Soldier Boy. The brief appearance of the “Red Thunder” movies in season three of The Boys was one of the many marketing tie-ins Vought had planned for their own Captain America. Naturally, when the show comes to an end, Soldier Boy is revealed to be a flawed homophobe and macho with PTSD, making him the first unsuccessful experiment.

The clip itself isn’t very noteworthy, other than the TNT Twins’ quick debut, which already indicates some cracks in their friendship. Even if Russians “radicalized” it, it nevertheless supports the anti-Soviet message that Soldier Boy was meant to convey. The real joke here, of course, is not Vought’s “bravest lesbian” Queen Maeve, but rather the actual disclaimer, which maintains the practice of ridiculing LGBTQ tales from other studios as being little more than money grabs.

The creator of The Boys Eric Kripke has always spoken out about the social satire of the show and how it accepts criticism of politically correct culture, just like the original comic book did. It is not surprising that the Vought International Twitter account uses the same messaging and uses the same tenor as the program as a result. According to Kripke, it is very likely that Soldier Boy and Queen Maeve will return, though the latter may require a little more time. The phony “Red Thunder” trailer made mention of these two superheroes.

Jensen Ackles’ appearance as Soldier Boy was credited as temporarily tipping the scales in favor of Homelander and The Boys. While the fourth season of The Boys will have a large number of new cast members, there is also a lot of potential in keeping with the present storylines and watching how the show adapts some of The Boys’ most well-known comic book moments.

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