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Fall Guys Season 1: When Is The Free To Play Feature Going To End, Dates And More Information!

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The first season of Fall Guys has a huge turnout of players, and the game looks more vibrant than ever. However, players who have completed missions and leveled up their Battle Pass want to know when Fall Guys Season 1 ends. Season 1 is the game’s first free launch season, and it looks like it’s set to introduce a new rhythm of events and seasons.

These occur more frequently and offer new and more engaging playlists and rounds. However, this could happen in the Free-for-all season as the dates of the season have changed in the past. Below are the end dates for the first season of Fall Guys that Mediatonic has set for the final season of content and add-ons. If anything changes, we will update this guide with the latest information as well.

Is Fall Guys Season 1 going to end?

The end date for Fall Guys’ first season is currently set for August 29, 2022. That means you can win it all in just over two months from the start of the season in mid-July.

The remaining two months have been arguably one of Fall Guys’ shortest seasons for him and hopefully set a new rhythm for the free season. One downside, however, is that you will have less time to level up the Season Pass and claim all the rewards.

As soon as Season 1 ends on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, we hope to resume Season 2 with all-new rounds, rewards, and challenges. This is about the end date of the first season of Fall Guys. For more information on the current season, check out all Fall Guy’s skins and costumes, and how Fall Guy’s crossplay works.

If Season 1: Free-For-All ends on September 13th, the season will be just over 80 days. This will be the shortest season since Fall Guys’ first second season, which took place in late 2020 and lasted less than 70 days.

In contrast, the season immediately preceding the transition to free-to-play was the longest in the game at over 200 days.

This short-season return will appeal to players looking for more frequent updates. Sure, seasons can change depending on their length, but with the introduction of Fall Guys challenges and skins, the new season offers an opportunity to inject more meaningful content. Often in the form of new rounds, some new courses should be available with the start of Season 2.

Fall Guys is a battle royale platform game developed by Mediatonic. The game features up to 60 players, controlling gummy creatures to compete in a series of randomly selected mini-games such as obstacle courses and beacons.

The game was released by Devolver Digital for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on 4 August 2020.

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