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Genshin Impact Leaks Are Exposed and We Have More Information Than Ever Before for Nilou!

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The Genshin Impact network has gotten a handful of person leaks in advance of variation three. zero and three.1. Although there are the simplest six leaked characters shown so far, a few enthusiasts are thinking which amongst them is well worth it.

To get new characters in Genshin Impact, Travelers ought to keep up with the in-recreation of foreign money called ‘Primogems‘. And with each replace withinside the recreation, HoYoverse releases limited-time person banners in which gamers can “pull” for whichever person they need to get.

With Genshin Impact three. zero and three.1 getting nearer, right here are the characters we assume are well worth pulling for.

Leaked upcoming playable characters: Genshin Impact three. zero and three.1 updates

Reliable leakers and information miners withinside the Genshin Impact network were operating non-forestall to launch facts approximately the Sumeru replace. According to the leaks we’ve so far, there can be fifteen new characters coming to Genshin Impact soon.

Below are the names of ten of the brand new characters arriving in Genshin Impact three. zero and three.1:

  • Collie – four-famous person Dendro Bow person
  • Dori – four-supermegacelebrity Electro Claymore consumer
  • Tighnari – 5-famous person Dendro Bow consumer
  • Candace – four-famous person Hydro Polearm consumer
  • Cyno – 5-supermegacelebrity Electro Polearm consumer
  • Nilou – 5-famous person Hydro Sword consumer
  • Nahida or Kusanali – 5-supermegacelebrity Dendro Catalyst person
  • Scaramouche – 5-famous person Anemo Catalyst consumer
  • Faruzan – four-famous person Anemo
  • Deya – four-big name Pyro Claymore consumer

Nilou – 5-Star Hydro Sword consumer

The brand new Sumeru preview which Genshin Impact published in brief confirmed Nilou, any other new person coming soon. Furthermore, leaks advise that Nilou is a 5-supermegacelebrity sword person with Hydro vision.

Some leakers additionally furnished data approximately Nilou’s package. However, all these facts are unofficial and HoYoverse would possibly get round to converting a number of her capabilities earlier than she is released.

Here is a study of Nilou’s gameplay in Genshin Impact. And as for her abilities, right here is Nilou’s package primarily based totally on leaks:

Normal Attack/Elemental Skill

Nilou launches as many as four slashes together along with her sword. Afterward, a hoop of water surrounds Nilou which applies Hydro to enemies who get close to her

Nilou’s E has an extended cooldown which would possibly make it hard for gamers to apply her as an on-area DPS

As for her Q, Nilou can inflict AoE DMG on enemies who’re both hits via way of means of it or status close to the targets


Nilou boosts the DMG from seeds generated via way of means of Dendro or Hydro reactions

She additionally has the capacity to boom Bloom DMG dealt through different birthday celebration members. This Talent scales off of Nilou’s HP

Is Nilou well worth ready for?

Based on the records we’ve approximately Nilou, she seems like a super off-subject DPS in your team. Another exciting element approximately Nilou is while she makes use of her Elemental Burst, the hand gesture she does is an Iranian dance technique.


About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact takes area withinside the myth global of Teyvat, which is domestic to seven wonderful nations, every of that’s tied to an exclusive detail and dominated by a unique god. The tale follows the Traveler, who has traveled throughout infinite worlds with their dual sibling earlier than turning separated in Tivat. The Traveler travels searching for the misplaced sibling with their partner Paimon and will become worried withinside the affairs of Teyvat’s nations.


Development on Genshin Impact started in 2017. The recreation acquired usually tremendous reviews, with critics praising the sport’s fight mechanics and open-global immersiveness, however, criticized its simplistic endgame and monetization model.

It grossed extra than $three billion in its first yr of launch, the very best ever first-yr release sales for any video recreation, and has grossed extra than $four billion as of March 2022.

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