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How to Get Along With Marinedevimon: How to Befriend Devimon?

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In Digimon Survive, Digivolving a Digimon is a pretty simple process, although sometimes it might be difficult to locate the Enlightenment Slabs needed to do it. Although it can be difficult to locate a dependable source of these rare evolution items without the aid of guidance, they can occasionally be located in chests or obtained through main plot battles.

The greatest option may be to chat with MarineAngemon to locate Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs. After they have satisfactorily responded to a few of its questions, players of Digimon Survive will be able to befriend the cute tiny Pixie Digimon and ask it for an Ultimate Enlightenment Slab.

How do you get along with MarineAngemon in Digimon Survive?

Unlike some of the other Mega Digimon, like WarGreymon, each of MarineAngemon’s questions and claims has an answer that will take up two of the bars above the Digimon. Given that it is one of the few Digimon that will grant players an Ultimate Enlightenment Slab when asking for something, this makes it one of the simplest Mega Digimon in Digimon Survive to befriend, which is good news.

Despite its charming and joyful demeanor, MarineAngemon is a fairly passive Digimon who has no interest in engaging in violence or combat. If they wish to make friends with Digimon, players should use uplifting and non-confrontational responses because it responds favorably to those who share its values.

Of course, those who are experiencing trouble might simply glance at the most popular MarineAngemon responses in the chart below.

MarineAngel’s location in Digimon Survive

In Part 11, MarineAngemon, a charming little Pixie Digimon, makes its debut appearance in a number of the Free Battle settings. Players can gather both Ultimate and Perfect Enlightenment Slabs from a single encounter when it frequently spawns with Zudomon. Players should therefore be cautious around MarineAngemon, especially if they have a lot of Digimon that are still in the process of evolving.

Players must first engage MarineDevimon in conversation by choosing the Talk option in battle before they may befriend it or request an item from it. They will next be presented with three questions or statements and a selection of possible answers.

The bar above the Digimon’s head will fill two segments if you select the best response, but it could also drain if you select a poor response. Players will be able to invite the Digimon to become their buddy if the bar is at least half filled when the dialogue ends.

The fact that MarineDevimon has a rather pessimistic attitude on life should not come as a surprise given its menacing appearance and the fact that it is roughly based on the devil. Players shouldn’t be worried about defending themselves or be scared to expose the lies it propagates. The best responses to MarineDevimon’s queries can be seen in the table below for those who are still having issues.

Although it occasionally appears in chance shadow encounters in Part 7, the Free Battle area at the Library Area during Part 10 is the first place where players can consistently see MarineDevimon.

Most players won’t likely find much use for it in this form given that Mega Digimon will begin to appear shortly after this; nevertheless, they will be able to Digivolve it by collecting Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs from Digimon-like MarineAngemon later on.

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