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My Hero Academia 360: Release Date Confirmed, the Secret of Triple Threat Power Revealed, Know the Details

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In previous volumes of My Hero Academia, there has never been a time when the protagonist’s absence was felt to the degree that it has in the most recent volumes of the series. Against Shigiraki, the Heroes are fighting a losing battle to merely remain alive. It would seem that they are no longer attempting to delay but rather just trying to escape death.

The most recent episode of My Hero Academia concluded with the Big Three from UA getting ready to intervene and save Bakugo from the oncoming Shigiraki. Because of his friendship with Midoriya, Shigiraki has made it quite plain that the only reason he is interested in Bakugo is because of Midoriya.

It should come as no surprise that this chapter focuses on the relationship between those two, considering that the majority of this specific fight has been spent showing their connection to one another.

It is still not quite apparent who is in charge between Shigiraki and All For One, but whoever is in charge, the way Bakugo is being treated is very harsh. He lays his foot on his head, raises him into the air by grasping his hair with his toes, breaks his other gauntlet, and then chokes him to death.

Even as he is doing this, he makes some of the most repugnant remarks, noting that he is relieved that his peculiarities have been eliminated since there will be a body for him to identify when he eventually comes.

His left hand is a tangled assemblage of fingers and limbs that is used to crush the rest of the equipment that is attached to his body and leave him in a damaged state. After that was over, he continued his condescending lecture by reprimanding Bakugo and informing him that after One for all, he would be nothing more than hanging on a minnow to Deku. This came at the conclusion of his speech.

Bakugo’s expression conveys utter despondency as he hears this information since it practically tells him that his biggest dread of coming in second place behind Deku and being looked down upon by him will become a reality.

Because it seems like Shigiraki’s mind, body, and soul have all been broken, the only option left for him is to take his own life. However, Nejire enters just in time and utilizes one of her energy waves to save Bakugo before he can finish. Unfortunately, Shigiraki uses him as a human shield, and then she needs to divert it.

However, now that Shigiraki has turned his back on Suneater, Suneater is able to sneak up on him and poison him by using the strength of his scorpion tail and octopus camouflage. However, it does not have any effect.

This chapter’s artwork is so beautiful that it almost seems like a flex to look at it. In addition, the chapter maintained the darker and more gory images that followers and readers of this arc ought to have been used to by this point in the story. The combat itself had some slightly exciting action, but it was perhaps the least compelling aspect of the struggle.

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