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Nexus Mods Will Prohibit Works That Are Anti-diversity, Latest Updates

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One of the numerous depictions of the modern world that the media is beginning to accept more readily is the gaming business. Today’s top video games frequently feature LGBTQ+ and inclusive themes, demonstrating how society is openly realizing that society might be more accepting of diversity.

Many people continue to disagree with this, nevertheless. The human rights of everyone who opposes inclusion are, nevertheless, being defended by some individuals.

Consider Nexus Mods as an example. Following Spider-Man Remastered’s August 12 release on Steam, the modding scene went busy producing unique content and publishing it there.

To show their opinions on the LGBTQ+ community, one modder chose to replace all of the game’s pride flags with US flags. The user was immediately denied access to Nexus, which generated a lot of discussions. The Gamer recently came across a blog post in which it was indicated that appropriate action would be taken against anyone who is “deliberately against inclusion” on the website.

The article continues by stating that, even if there is no way to prevent users from making any alterations they like, the website at least has the authority to keep them off its database. Additionally, it exhorts users who disagree with the policy to deactivate their accounts. Nexus Tweaks is one of the most popular websites where users can download customized PC mods even though it has experienced its fair share of controversy in the past. Being banned from the website means that hate speech can no longer be distributed there because it was done on purpose to “troll” the community with anti-inclusivity files.

Due to their enormous volume, it can be difficult to keep track of all the add-ons that people post to Nexus Mods. Thankfully, there is a tonne of mods available that only enhance the fun of gaming. Like the Spider-Man mod that turns players into Stan Lee in honor of the late Marvel great, there are many more intriguing files than those that support exclusion.

The LGBTQ+ group already faces difficulties being accepted in the video game industry. Twitch streamer Keffals, a trans woman, claims that she was recently swatted to make fun of her. It seems that there is more work to be done in addition to the deluge of hate raids that have hit the streaming site. But it appears that platforms like Nexus Mods are moving in the right direction.

Since Nexus Mods released a hack that could substitute Pride flags with American flags, the most recent Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered game has come under fire for being anti-LGBTQ+. Because of this, any mod who violates inclusion from now on will be immediately banned. Following these accusations, a blog post was discovered on the Nexus Mods website that made a very rigorous inclusion proclamation and threatened to ban anyone who tried to harm diversity. Anyone who didn’t agree with this rule was politely asked to deactivate their accounts.

The creator of the flag mod, who went by the handle “Mike Hawk,” was immediately banned from Nexus Mods and their mod was swiftly taken down from the website, which led many to question the propriety of the action.

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