One Punch Man Chapter 168- Release Date, Know Any Changes in the Cast, What Are the Limits of Saitama’s Power?


Photo credit:GoogleSaitama ideally refers to a guy who becomes a Super Hero for Fun. And throughout the complete series, we can see him defeat the Mysterious monsters and protect the cities of Japan.

As of Chapter 168 of One Punch Man where Gorou the antagonist and Saitama are still fighting at one among Jupiter’s moons. Gorou tries to counter-attack Saitama by copying his attacks however appears to still can’t keep up with our Super Hero’s enormous power which left him in awe.

Soon Gorou realizes that there’s no way of surviving him as a result of Saitama’s power is not infinite strength however it’s infinite potential then eventually looks for an alternative way that none aside from running isolated from Saitama itself. He thought he has some luck after all and uses his teleporting skill to rush off from Saitama.

And here it comes the Humor. It appeared like he was about to be successful in an effort of running away. But unfortunately for Gorou, Saitama caught up a lot faster by using his fart to accelerate himself.

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Then Saitama punched Gorou, who fell back on earth and landed right next to the kid he once needed to safeguard in his past,  The gravity of his crimes soon hit him, and willing to pay for his mistakes, which created Saitama confused about what he is.

Gorou in reality needed to become absolute evil so that he can save the kid after changing the world first. However as a result he could not defeat Saitama and thus to create up for his past mistakes, he asks a favor from Saitama to copy his skills and go back to the past to prevent his former self.

He somewhat realizes that not solely Saitama is the strongest being in One Punch Man, however, he conjointly contains a terrible potential. this {can be} as a result of the protagonist can grow infinitely. sort of a Saiyan, his power can keep increasing when he pushes his limits.

Saitama first of all brushes it off saying he doesn’t care however eventually soaks up his abilities that make it doable for him to travel within the past where he finishes the antagonist Gorou in a single punch saving all the destruction his future self would have caused. Chapter 168 of One Punch Man ends here.

After One Punch Man Chapter 168, fans of the manga currently a lot of have a much better plan of what Saitama’s “Infinite-Potential” ability is. There has been plenty of community speculation encompassing it over the years, however, the anime series or perhaps the manga failed to explore a number of the ideas behind his potential that or a lot of up heretofore.

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