Sword Art Online Progressive: What to Look Forward to in the Sequel (Based on the Light Novel)

One of the strongest arcs in Sword Art Online history, the Aincrad arc, is the subject of the Sword Art Online (SAO) franchise’s storyline, Sword Art Online Progressive. The Progressive plot was conceived back in 2012 by Reki Kawahara, the original writer of SAO, and it is still ongoing today.

In addition to the light book, there is a manga adaptation created by several artists. However, the 2021 anime film Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night generated the most buzz.

The movie’s sequel is swiftly revealed not long after the first one thanks to the great enthusiasm and support of the audience. Its release date is set for September 2022 and is titled Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night. What to anticipate from the future sequel is listed below.

Sword Art Online Progressive is available in at least three different versions, as was previously established. What you need to understand is that they are all somewhat distinct from one another. While the manga and the film adaptations both made creative decisions that deviated from the original source, the basic plot development is still based on the original light novels.

The biggest change to the anime film version of Sword Art Online Progressive is the introduction of a new character named Mito. Expect to find some differences in the story’s specifics if you’ve seen the movie and want to learn more by reading SAO Progressive’s light novels or manga edition. There are no other versions of SAO Progressive that feature this character.

The first SAO Progressive movie was based on the first volume of the light novel Aria of Starless Night. Volumes 2 and 3 are skipped in the second movie, which is now in development, in favor of volume 4, Scherzo of Deep Night. While the first book focused on their journey to seize control of Aincrad’s first floor, the fourth book will focus on the fifth level.

There are no doubt some questions among the fans over this choice. After all, the two tale arcs in volumes 2 and 3 include many significant plot components, including new characters, occasions, settings, and more. All of which are essential to the Scherzo from Deep Night’s narrative. In light of this, why did the anime production team choose to adapt volume 4 for the second film?

Reki Kawahara responded to the fans’ questions on Twitter and provided some background. There are many reasons why they chose to proceed in this manner, but the main one is that volume 2 is supposed to represent the beginning of a significant story arc known as the Elven War Campaign.

Unfortunately, Reki Kawahara is still working on the plot, which will be spread out across several more volumes. The Scherzo of Deep Night, which is volume 4, is a somewhat standalone arc rather than a cliffhanger story as a result.

Traveling to Interesting Places and Completing Side Quests

Kirito and Asuna will explore the expansive City of Ruins on the fifth floor of Aincrad in volume four of the light novel.

They will engage in various tasks that are available on that level there. Finding secret antiquities and relics, dining at a restaurant perched precariously on a cliff, and—most importantly—taking on side quests. In this city of ruins, one can undertake a number of side missions, from searching for a lost cat to examining a puzzling supernatural occurrence.

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