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The Player Standing at the Site of Grace in Elden Ring Glitch is a Player

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Earlier this year, Elden Ring was met with critical praise and an adoring fan base after it hit store shelves. Thus far, Elden Ring has purportedly sold over 13.4 million copies and is FromSoftware’s fastest-selling game. Like previous games made by the studio, it is striking for its high trouble and depressing setting. Tragically, at the hour of its underlying release, the game was also known for being rather buggy.

The PC version of the game dragged most of the criticism, as the Steam version of Elden Ring was at first met with blended reviews because of execution issues. A significant number of these issues have since been fixed, and the ongoing Steam reviews for the game are listed as “Exceptionally Positive.” However, regardless of how frequently a designer patches a game, some issues and quirks will remain.

Since Elden Ring was released, players have shared their encounters with the game’s peculiar quirks and glitches. One of the more entertaining bugs shows an Elden Ring for misfiring at the highest point of a stepping stool where he crouches on it again and again.

In a later post, Reddit user Educational-Price-40 uncovered an unconventional error where the player character wouldn’t sit down at a Site of Lost Grace, yet at the same time had the full menu accessible.

Despite the way that Elden Ring is a unique protected innovation, it is surprisingly similar to the Dark Souls games. Both include the player character killing a handful of unbelievably strong entities to get their power.

Furthermore, this power is used to fuel an obscure cosmic power that keeps a supposed Golden Age going seemingly past its time. The two franchises are so similar that even George R.R. Martin once alluded to Elden Ring as a Dark Souls sequel. The Sites of Lost Grace are one of these similar elements.

In Elden Ring, Sites of Lost Grace have a similar capability to Bonfires in the Dark Souls games. The player rests at these locations, recharges their wellbeing, replenishes mending potions, and levels up. Furthermore, players can also fast travel between these locations. Character deaths that happen just before getting to these locations can be especially unfortunate because of lost progress.

In some instances, be that as it may, the Sites Of Lost Grace in Elden Ring aren’t always unwinding, with one situated close to a Walking Mausoleum. At the point when an error in the game ensures the player couldn’t sit down at the site, it can make these kinds of locations all seriously disturbing.

Elden Ring is currently accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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