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Splatoon 3, the New Game to Have Fun With Friends. Solo Campaign Begining Process Listed.

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Splatoon 3 is one of the greatest games of modern times and playing with friends is always big fun. Players of the game always love to try out the story mode as it is the go-to mode.

Players of Nintendo Switch will find a familiarity but if their friends didn’t have any previous experience then this is going to game for all. The very starting campaign is the solo mode and then there are some other moods as well.

How to Start the Story mode of Splatoon 3.

For starting the story mode players needs to grow through the underground of Cuttlefish. The road is having a via through the sewer cover. To get this press ZL and then enter in the keyboard. As soon as the keyboard press is done it will take the players to the cut scene of Story mode.

Basic Plot of Splatoon 3. 

The story mode of the game is named “Return of the Mammalians.” If any of the players are a part of the New Squidbeak Splatoon then they have to play as an Agent 3. The mission of the game is to recover the Great Zapfish which will togetherly power Splitsville. In the game job offer is also there which players can choose to save the world. The Hero suit that the players will get in the game will be brand new. In the very beginning solo, the campaign journey will begin.

Splatoon 3 mode and mission list. 

Altogether in the game, there are 74 stories and mode levels. The actual story mode takes more than 8 hours to get completed. Sometimes it may take around 12 hours to complete the story mode.

The Crater. 

  • The Crater- Camp Cuttle
  • Octarians in the Crater? YIKES!
  • Sink into the Ink and Swim!
  • Boxes Locked! Keys, Please!
  • What Are They? Can We Stop Them?
  • Dj Octavio (Boss)

Site1- Future Utopia Island

  • Get to Know Alterna, Your Only Choice
  • Octopods at Rest Tend to FLIP OUT!
  • Splat You on the Flip Side
  • Doors, Doors, Doors! And More!
  • Relic Restoration
  • Zip, Splat, and Jump
  • Become One with Your Smallfry
  • What Caused the Big Bang? YOU!
  • The String’s the Thing
  • Deadly Dance Hall- Jump, Jump!

Site 2 – Cozy and Safe Factory 

  • Twirling, Swirling, Whirling
  • Absorbency and You
  • Soak It to Me!
  • Splitting Crosshairs
  • Tread Heavily
  • Getting Lost in Three Easy Steps
  • The Ink- Conservation Project
  • Switching Things Up
  • The Future Stares Back (Boss)

 Site 3 – Cryogenic Hopetown 

Site 4- Landfill Dreamland

  • Propelled to Greatness
  • Octohoppers Don’t Have a Sense of Humor (and They Hate Puns)
  • Let’s Put a Pin in That
  • Splash the Block Party
  • Amusing a Bemused Muse
  • Those Aren’t Birds
  • Charge Now, Splat Later
  • Easy Ride, Trickey Targets
  • Flying Worst Class
  • Ink Fast, Hotshot
  • Stamp ‘Em Out
  • The Path to Perfect Penmenship
  • The Pursuit of the Precious (Boss)

Site-5 Eco-Forest Freehills. 

  • Trouble Round Every Corner
  • The Upside To Enemy Backsides
  • Uh- Oh! Too Many Snipers!
  • Barriers! They have got you Covered
  • A Compulsive Collectors Paradise
  • Zipping Over the Neighborhood
  • One-Way- Ride Through Target Town
  • Making Waves with Splashdowns
  • Low Viz, High Risk
  • Simply Ziptastic
  • You, Will, go Far if you Shoot Far
  • Learn to Reflect and This one is in the Bank

Site 6- Happiness Research Lab 

  • Bet You Mist Us!
  • Octavian Heights
  • Torture Tour
  • Conserve Ink- Splat Sustainability
  • The Enemy Ink Is Lava!
  • Keep It Rolling
  • That Sinking Feeling
  • Breathe In, Breath Out
  • Dive and Dash
  • Mission: Fly Fishin’
  • Don’t Tease the Keys
  • Enter the Stamp Gauntlet
  • The Obscurest Chiaroscurist (Boss)

Alterna Space Center 

  • Alterna Space Center: Entrance
  • Alterna Space Center: Hangar
  • Alterna Space Center: Lift
  • The Spirit Lifter: Steerage
  • The Spirit Lifter: First Class
  • Rocket Battle (Boss)

There is also a Secret Stage: After Alterna

So as everything is being listed that’s all from the Story mode.

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