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Videos of Animation Showing How to Handle the Weapons of Modern Warfare 2.

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In the recent updates of Call of Duty the beta of Modern Warfare 2 had been made live. Among all the players one player chooses to show all the weapons that are currently available in the game.

The very first beta version of Modern Warfare 2 is up and running in the market. The new setups allowed the various players to have access to the various new arms. You Tuber named Venum Magnus had shown everything in his video in the clearest way. The Modern version of the game had taken care of the weapons and how they had been utilized in the gaming version of Modern Warfare 2.

As Venom the YouTuber had already given the details in his video, weapons in the game need to be maintained appropriately. The game is developed on the old processor of 2019. In the game, the firearms are given the detailed look. The substantial details are also displayed in the animation as well. As updates were already given everything is almost known to the fans.

Players were not able to see the weapons for themselves until the PlayStation is announced. At the current time, the beta version is not allowing access to all the weapons. Though the weapons that were being allowed to access give the full details of the depth that the game is going to produce. Some unexpected smooth firearms are also in the mix of discussion that is to be launched as well.

Different magazines though had published different animations and that had added value to the animation. Each weapon had been given an immense number of animations thus adding a great value to it. The total number of Weapons in the game is though not revealed. For the time being, only 17 weapons are available for the players.

The players of the game had customized the weapons of their own choice up to the given limit. 2 players created the MP5K and were able to unlock all the achievements. The real world’s counterpart is also available in the game and that is quite helpful.

The long-awaited PlayStation is also running successfully in the market over a weekend. The PC users or the Xbox users can check all the gaming animations as well. The only problem is that the beta version gives limited accessibility. Modern Warfare 2 launches in the year 2022 on October 28 for the players of PC and PlayStation 4 and 5. The games are all available on the Xbox as well.

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