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Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Has Been Officially Set for a Come Back, Know the Updates

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Classroom Of The Elite season 2 has been officially set for a come back.

Classroom Of The Elite season 2 has been officially confirmed. Even better news is that  a third season has also been confirmed.

The question is when  Classroom of the Elite Season 2 will be released. And how many volumes of light novel  will the new season be adapted to? I’ll answer, but first some important information. The central character of this series is Ayanokouji.


The story is about Ayanokouji, an incredibly intelligent student  who likes to keep his distance from other students. I am a student of D class. That’s where the school throws out the worst student.  So far, the elite classroom anime he has only one season. In the  first season he had 12 episodes and  from July 2017 he aired until September 2017. 

Season 2 of Classroom of The Elite has not aired yet.   

There was no movie or OVA for this series, so I can only watch the first season  until  the second and third seasons come out.  

Classroom of the Elite s2 release date has been confirmed and there are many fans of this anime series wanting to know when the next Classroom of the Elite season will be released.   

Now let’s take a look at the light novel volume the new season will be adapted to and the official release date for Classroom of  the Elite  Season 2. A successful light novel.   The Classroom of The Elite  novel series is created by Shogo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose.   

Number of volumes of Classroom of The Elite currently ?

  As of February 2022,  11 volumes of the first year  of the light novel “Elite’s Classroom” series have been published in Japan.2nd year so far 6 books.   There is also a classroom for The Elite Manga.

 The manga ended with volume 11, covering the entire first year, and there is also a  second year manga starting in early 2022.   

If you’re a fan of the Classroom of the Elite series, I highly recommend reading all of the Classroom of the Elite books.   

Are you ready for the elite light novel class?

 The  Elite light novel series classroom continues in 2022.  Also, The Classroom of The Elite Volume 2nd Year Volume 7’s release date is most likely  June 2022.  

How many volumes does Season 2 cover? 

Season 3 will adjust the rest to his 11.5 volumes.   This means that the entire Classroom of The Elite Year 1 will be animated. The first season of the anime “Classroom of the Elite” adapted from volumes 1 to 3. 

So if you want to continue the story where the first season ended, check out Classroom of The Elite Light Novel Volume 4 in English.

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