Know About Witchy Life Story: All Day 4 Recipes.On Day Four of My Witchy Life Story, Details of What’s Happening Recipes for This Day

Witchy Life Story: All Day 4 Recipes

In Witchie Life Story, players receive a new set of recipes each day to help prepare for their town. Here is the recipe for Day 4.

Witchy Life Story is an indie witch game where players must prepare 3 recipes each day correctly to help the townsfolk solve various problems in preparation for the harvest festival.

This guide focuses on the recipes the player prepares for his fourth day, as tensions surrounding the upcoming festival become more frequent and pressing.

This game is a fun witch based engaging game developed, managed, and published by Sundew Studios.

Following the Accidents series, the mischievous would-be witch is sent to a remote town with the sole task of proving herself. The Harvest Festival must be successful before the player can complete the training.

So in all things related to the festival, players should prepare various magical recipes and enchantments to ensure their success.

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Further Contents

Chalk’s Request (Power Boost)

Jonas’s Request (Protection Oil)

Nisha’s Request (Freedom Oil)

1. Chalk’s Request (Power Boost)

Mel is completely exhausted, but she has to keep working, so she wants something to keep her going even when she’s tired.

Times are hopeless and the festival is approaching, so the player must help her. This is common in simulation games with crafting elements.

You need an ingredient (lavender), an orange ingredient (calendula), and a mercury-related ingredient (yarrow).

To do this, the player must replace the container in the lower right corner with the Amulet Her Pouch and mix the ingredients in a bowl to form the Amulet Her Charge.

2. Jonas’s Wish (Protection Oil)

Jonas is worried about attracting bad energy. Looking pretty intimidated, he needs something to help him attract only the good guys.

Oil is required, so it’s up to the player to help him. You will need to convert the flask into an amber flask for oil and mix the ingredients to create a protective oil.

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3. Nisha Request (Freedom Oil)

Nisha feels a certain “energy”. Trapped her in his studio and desperately needs help to escape. Sounds serious, so the player should start working and mix some magic with indie game craft mechanics.

To do this thing, you will need the following ingredients: an asterisk (chamomile), pink component (mallow), and sun-related component (calendula).

Nisha wants oil, so the player must replace the bottle in the bottom right corner with an amber vial and mix the ingredients to create the required freedom Oil.

In The Witchy Life Story, players will receive a new set of recipes each day to help prepare their town for the better. Here is the recipe for Day 4.

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