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Liverpool In FIFA23: Strategy for coming matches

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Tactics & lineups for Liverpool In upcoming matches

Liverpool is still one of the top teams in FIFA 23, but to maximise their performance, players will need to make a few adjustments to the team’s strategy. Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool team would have probably taken home a lot more domestic silverware over the previous five years if it weren’t for Pep Guardiola and Manchester City. Although they haven’t won any awards, the team is still one of the most fun to see on the field and one of the best to play as in FIFA 23.

Sadly, those searching for the best Liverpool lineups and strategies will need to make a few adjustments, as the team’s performance in FIFA 23 has been significantly impacted by Sadio Mané’s departure and the club’s failure to fully address the lack of depth in the middle. How to correct things will be covered in this guide.

The 4-2-2-2 is the ideal formation to employ as Liverpool. It is a very effective formation that provides very solid defence, but if you position your attackers up front, you’ll also have a very effective offence.

You should position your guys in this way.

As you can see, Alisson will be your goalie, to begin with. Then, with Van Dijk, Gomez, Robertson, and Alexander-Ar on your side, continue moving toward the centre.

Thiago and Fabinho belong in the middle since they can manage the entire game’s tempo.

What can be the best formation and tactics for Liverpool in FIFA 23? 

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Finding a formation to mask these inadequacies should be high on players’ lists, as it is one of the key causes of Liverpool’s troubles during the early portions of the 22–23 season, along with pure tiredness.

The 5-3-2 holding shape just so happens to be ideal for this, as it not only reduces the team’s reliance on midfield dominance but also enables players to make the most of Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold while also bridging some of the latter’s defensive shortcomings.

What can be the top starting lineup for Liverpool? 

Despite a rocky start to the season, Darwin Nunes is an obvious choice for the left striker position due to his height, pace, and power; however, it would be immoral to put Salah alongside him given that he has taken some time to truly get going. Behind them, Fabinho can do what he does best: disrupt play and protect the defence, while Diaz and Thiago can offer a balanced combination of grit and innovation.

The only real debate surrounding Liverpool’s back six is which of Gomez and Konate will start alongside Robertson, Van Dijk, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, and Alisson. Gomez beats out the Frenchman despite there not actually being that much of a difference between them after all, because he is just a tiny bit faster.

Thanks to their outstanding pressing ability, Liverpool, like Manchester City, are just as effective away from the ball as they are when they are on it. However, players should only do this if they have lost possession in order to avoid expending too much energy trying to recover the ball. Liverpool and the 5-3-2 system are best suited to slow build-up play since players should have minimal issue maintaining possession of the ball in the opening two thirds of the field.

To make the most of the lethal deliveries offered by Robertson and Alexander-Arnold, both of whom should be encouraged to join the attack when the team is in control, players will want to have Nunez act as a target man when it comes to instructions. Salah, on the other hand, needs to be told to enter from behind and drift wide so that players may make use of his great speed. While Fabinho should be prepared to remain back while the team is attacking, Diaz can potentially move outside.

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