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Most Challenging Trophies to Get Since September, 2022

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The hardest trophies to unlock from games in September 2022.

As with every other month, September saw the release of new games with some difficult trophies and the addition of PlayStation Plus.

Trophy hunts are a favorite pastime for many PlayStation owners, and players often have different goals when collecting achievements.

 Some players only look for trophies in their favorite games, while others try to get as many trophies as possible and jump into their matches for the easy trophies that appear.

 It can be very difficult, but some players take pride in collecting the hardest trophies possible and winning the rarest prizes.

In the September 2022 high-difficulty Trophies game, PlayStation users are primarily focused on the massive grind rather than the grueling challenge. 

Considering his hourly requirement for the trophy in question, a lot of work needs to be done for a player aiming for platinum in some of the upcoming titles. However, for those who want an impressive trophy case, it might be worth the effort. 

Tom serves as a very easy listing for gamers looking for a quick platinum trophy But last month he was offered two more games.

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 Need For Speed ​​Heat offers a fairly basic list, but it takes a while to complete. The estimated time for the Platinum Trophy is 35 hours, mostly thanks to the “Be The Very Best” trophy. 

This achievement requires the player to complete a total of 435 activities and collections, and all activities require him to have 3 stars. 

Nothing overly difficult with the upgraded vehicles, but it’s a significant time investment and can be a bit of a strain for those who haven’t invested in the Need for Speed ​​series.

Another PlayStation The Plus title, Granblue Fantasy Versus, has a mostly simple roster that can be completed in about 25 hours.

 However, the Hot Enough For You trophy can pose a problem as it requires players to win online.

You only need one win, but there’s always the chance that you’ll be paired with an opponent who is very good at the game and struggling to win one. Also, players will want to get this trophy out of the way sooner or later.

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 If the game loses popularity in a few years, the servers may be empty and the player may be locked out of this achievement, so do it now while the game has the player his boost from his PS Plus ideally.

Finally, Steelrising, a Souls-like game, offers trophies that are very difficult to tackle. 

Completionist is a golden trophy that requires the player to complete the game without using the Oil Burette, the main healing item in their inventory. 

Luckily, there are other recovery items in the form of flasks with oil, but the number of flasks is so abundant that experienced players will have no problem relying solely on them for their playthrough. 

Still, generous or not, there are a limited number of them available and they can run out of players if you’re not careful.

 It’s very manageable, but moving away from the September theme of crushing PlayStation trophies is a very difficult task.

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