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Naoki Yoshida, the Director, and Producer of Final Fantasy 14, Would Want to See a Battle Royale Mode in the Game

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In a GameSpot interview, Yoshida addressed a number of issues about the Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2. Since Final Fantasy 14 just included the Island Sanctuary, a farming simulator akin to Animal Crossing, many people have questioned what other game genres Yoshida would like to include in the game.

The popular MMORPG’s Battle Royale PvP feature was covered in an interview with Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida. The inclusion of such a mode in Final Fantasy 14 is not currently planned, despite Yoshida’s comments that he would want to see it.

Yoshida hypothesized that Final Fantasy 14’s PvP would be ideal with a Battle Royale mode tailored for Blue Mages. His scheme placed a group of Blue Mages on a vast field where they could pick up abilities from enemies, chests, or other players. The winner would be the last player standing after the players engaged in a battle using the spells they had learned. Of course, his suggestion is only that for the time being; he made clear that the content that is currently scheduled would always take precedence.

Due to their versatility and deliberate imbalance, Blue Mages are unable to take part in many game elements in Final Fantasy 14. They can complete dungeons, raids, and open-world activities, but they are unable to do so via the Duty Finder and must instead join premade parties.

The Blue Mage level cap is typically 10 to 20 levels behind the highest level currently available, making it impossible for them to be used with current content. Yoshida is constantly seeking new methods to make Blue Mages entertaining, current, and interesting for players who like the restricted role.

Many players wish that Yoshida’s vision of a Blue Mage Battle Royale would come true. He has mentioned it before, so he would like to give it more thought in the future. Even though Blue Mage is a specialized job, its supporters would love the opportunity to take part in such an occasion, and its inclusion might attract more players to the restricted vocation.

This weekend, Final Fantasy 14 will have its eighth 14-Hour Broadcast. The upcoming Live Letter from the Producer, in which Yoshida discusses Patch 6.25 and speaks with guests from the Scenario Team, will be one of the primary attractions of the webcast. While there very probably won’t be any Blue Mage content in this patch, fans of Final Fantasy 14 will have enough to look forward to in the near future thanks to Manderville relic weapons and Omicron tribal missions.

Yoshida hypothesized that a Battle Royale mode tailored to Blue Mages would be the ideal match for PvP in Final Fantasy 14. He planned to place a group of blue mages on a large field where they could learn new talents from monsters, chests, and other players.

Players would battle each other using the spells they had learned, and the last person standing would win. His suggestion is, of course, only a concept for the time being—he stressed that currently scheduled programming would always take precedence.

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