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Old School RuneScape: The Best Early Game Quests

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Quests are the absolute best way to start any account, and also, they are fantastic because you get more immersed in the storyline and meaningful gameplay. Additionally, Quests allow you to train a skill, sometimes even quicker than manually. Finally, quests give a ton of experience and help you progress through the game. If you want to take advantage of this much faster and more effectively, check out these great OSRS accounts for sale that are available for you today. Now that you have the right information let’s get started.

1.  The Fremennik Trials Quest

The Fremennik Trials quest is often overlooked as it seems complicated on the surface, but it isn’t once you jump into the gameplay. It is the easiest to do this quest after you have done the waterfall quest to build up some hp and combat levels. What makes this quest so unique? The 28,000 experience reward!

The experience you earn from this quest will be split between 10 essential skills: Strength, defense, attack, hitpoints, fishing, thieving, agility, crafting, fletching, and woodcutting. This could jump you from level 1 to 16 in ten different skills and will save you many hours of trying to level up each of these skills manually. Also, this quest will give you bang for your buck, and I recommend doing it as soon as possible.

2.  Death to the Dorgeshuun!

This quest is a little more advanced as it does have some requirements. For example, you will need to complete the lost tribe quest before you can do this one. The big thing about this quest is that it offers ranging experience; as any experienced OSRS player knows, training ranged experience takes painfully long.

However, if you do the Death to The Dorgeshuun quest, you instantly increase from level 1 ranged experience to 16. It is, indeed, a huge time and frustration saver. Additionally, this quest will give you access to new valuable places, such as the H.A.M store rooms and Doresh-Kaan.

3.  The Tourist Trap Quest

This quest can be done at a very low level as its only requirements are 20 smithing and fletching. This quest will award you 4650 experience, which you can attribute to the two skills. Unfortunately, you can only apply to a select number of skills: smithing, fletching, agility, and thieving.

It would be beneficial for most players to apply these skills to agility and thieving, as the quest would boost each of those from level 1 to 20. This is another case of invaluable time-saving. Additionally, this quest grants you the ability to make throwing darts, which are extremely useful and fun.

4.  The Witch’s House Quest

While many quests will give you a lot of combat experience, there is often one thing that needs to be improved: the hitpoints experience, which can take a long time to train up manually. It is possible to do this quest and level 1, but it is best to do it with at least a few magic levels. This quest will give you 6325 hitpoint experience.

This boosts you up from 10 all the way to 30. Having more hitpoints is a massive relief, as many enemies can get one shot at you in much of the early game. Also, after this quest, you do not have to worry about dying in a split second all the time.

5.  The Knight’s Sword Quest

Lastly, we have a free-to-play quest. The Knight’s Sword can be done at a very low level; you only need level 1 smithing. The quest grants 12,725 smithing experience, which will get you from level 1 all the way to level 29. This will save you a ton of extremely slow, low-level skill grinding—especially Smithing, which can be frustrating to the maximum extent. Whether you have a membership or a free account, this quest is worth a go.

Closing off

Quests are a very rewarding and immersive experience in Old School. If you decide to play, I highly recommend that you do not overlook the quests. These are just a few of many quests offering exciting abilities and items in the game. Questing is an excellent alternative to laborious and frustrating skill leveling. I hope this guide has helped you on your questing journey. Welcome to Old School RuneScape!


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