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Prequels or Spinoffs Based on Death Stranding Could Pave the Way for Sequels

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It’s been challenging for fans to envision how a Death Stranding sequel may look and what it might accomplish differently after its climactic conclusion, which is why some think a prequel or spin-off could help create the basis for Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding 2 is once again on players’ minds, with all the same concerns and uncertainties still hanging in the air, thanks to Kojima Productions’ recent media attention due to rumors regarding its Project Overdose and hints of a new DS project that appears to be in the works. It will be difficult to diverge into a new plot because of Death Stranding’s permanence and its bittersweet finale.

Preceding the sequel with a prequel or even a spin-off might help fill in the elements that Death Stranding 2 might come to rely on while also giving Kojima Productions a new direction to explore and jump-starting the Death Stranding canon.

A prequel or spin-off could offer enough leverage for a sequel to work with and lead players back into Death Stranding’s post-apocalyptic world, whether this is to make sure that certain returning characters are in the right places at the right times, address the Last Stranding and chiral network, or update the current state of the world outside the UCA.

Prequel to Death Stranding

Even if a Death Stranding prequel might go deeper into a few particular individuals, it wouldn’t be able to immediately affect the game’s plot or resolution. However, a prequel may at the very least plant the seeds for prospective fresh narratives that a sequel might pursue. For instance, until Amelie’s involvement was made known, Higgs was thought to be the primary adversary of Death Stranding.

Exploring Higgs’ turn against humanity, from porter to Amelie’s agent of extinction, would make for an intriguing prequel, but in the end, it might provide new information about his motivations for doing so, such as indicating that he was aware of a greater threat that would play a role in Death Stranding 2.

As an alternative, a prequel might include fresh environments, institutions, or other pieces of knowledge that would later influence a Death Stranding sequel. Fragile would be the ideal choice to venture beyond the UCA because she is the most similar to Sam. To give Death Stranding 2 more environments to explore, some have suggested that the sequel should include Canada or possibly Mexico. This may be accomplished with Fragile. Her own courier business and DOOMS skills make her a potential starting point for introducing players to live outside the UCA.

An Offshoot of Death Stranding

It typically takes either a well-known character to play the lead role or a game mechanic that can be further explored to justify a spin-off. It would be difficult to create a spin-off for Death Stranding because, at its core, it was a walking simulator, and its sequel is probably going to be the same.

It is still possible, but it must be made sure that setting up Death Stranding 2 is accomplished. To avoid jeopardizing continuity, Kojima Productions decided to have a spin-off continuation of Fragile’s plot instead of a prequel. This gave the company the perfect chance to expand the game’s mechanics, lore, and environments.

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