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The Far Cry 6 Goty Edition is So Expensive, It’ll Make Users ‘break Their Bank,’ as the Price Tag Reveals.

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All the avid game lovers go insane as Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition reveals its surreal price tag. Despite failing to win any awards in the Game of the Year event, an edition of the GOTY version has been released with a baffling price tag. However, the GOTY edition confirms a new expansion named, ‘Lost Between Worlds’, with no further explanations provided by Ubisoft.

Outrageous Price Tag

The revealed price tag of the GOTY edition is listed at $120, which is double the price of the standard version. The game was nominated for three awards, winning none of them. the nomination categories were, ‘Innovation in Accessibility, ‘Best Action Game,’ and ‘Best Performance’ (Giancarlo Esposito).

The disparity of prices between the standard version and the GOTY is surreal as the standard version is as low as $19.99, whereas it’s listed at $39.99 in the Xbox stores, for Live Gold members. The expensive price tag is also because of their previous success, as the sales were very high during the initial release back in October.

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Fans reaction

Many users commented on the revealed price as they were baffled. However, it would be interesting to see whether fans would go to that extent to pay such a surreal amount of money as the difference between the K Gold and GOTY amounts to $80. Xbox users have certain criticisms about it as well as Go away 6 listed at $119.99, which was double the price of the standard version upon initial release.

Why such an increase in price?

Far Cry 6 has tasted success since its initial release, however, how does this all come to a $120 GOTY edition? Far Cry 6 is still $60 on digital storefronts despite being a year old and at a bargain at GameStop for $20. For $40, you can get the Season Pass, which includes Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and all the paid DLC. Finally, there is the upcoming ‘Lost Between World expansion, which is expected to cost $20.

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Key info for the usersย 

The users who already possess Far Cry 6 but never played the DLC need not worry as they can update to the GOTY edition separately from Ubisoft for only $60. however, the users need to understand that this is the costliest edition of Far Cry 6 available, and one should be aware that for $150, one can get the Far Cry Anthology Bundle, which consists of Far Cry 3 through 6, or more than 100 hours of destroying icon-filled maps.


The latest edition of Far Cry will definitely make the users break the bank as the price difference between the previous versions is beyond one’s thought process.

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