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The Release Date for Log Horizon Season 4, Updates on the Cast, and Plots.

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Log Horizon Season 4

Fan-favorite anime, Log Horizon ended its third season run in March 2021.

For those just catching up, Log Horizon is an isekai-style anime, a genre of anime in which the protagonist, or in this case, the character, is magically transported to another world. In this case, most of the series’ most famous characters are ordinary people trapped in the fictional online video game Elder Tale that they play together.

Details on when Log Horizon season 4 will be released are unknown, but since the series is an adaptation of the long Japanese novel series of the same name, there is still plenty of material for the show to reveal.

Official details remain thin, but the show’s source material and production history give us clues as to what fans can expect next. Here’s everything we know about Log Horizon Season 4’s release date, cast, and plot.

When will Log Horizon Season 4 be released?

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult things to predict is when Log Horizon Season 4 will be available.

The show has a complicated production history, but fans will get to see what happened before, and at least know when their favorite characters will be seen on their way back to Eldertailsea.

‘Log Horizon’ premiered in 2013 and season 1 ran for 25 episodes (via IMDb) until March 2014. Season 2 premiered in October of the same year and aired an additional 25 episodes by March 2015. Probably to be broadcasted in October 2020.

However, according to Anime News Network, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic delayed production and did not air until January 2021.

So what does this mean for Season 4? While the show’s production company, Studio Deen, has proven that they can turn a season around quickly, there’s a lot more work to be done to give the show the attention it needs.

Without further information from the creators, we don’t know when Log Horizon Season 4 will be released, but at that point, the earliest possible date is 2022. 

Who will appear in the cast of Log Horizon Season 4?

Despite a long hiatus between seasons, “Log Horizon” kept many of the actors involved in the previous episodes, at least for English dubbing.

When Funimation announced the official release date for season 3 of the English dub in February 2021, at least four actors were returning to the show in lead roles.

This also included the return of Mike Yeager to voice the protagonist Shiroe. Shiroe is a quiet engineering student who becomes a heroic wizard when transferred to Elder Tales. 

Andrew Love, who has been confirmed and provided the voice of Naotsuga, Shiroe’s childhood friend. The last returning lead was Jovan Jackson as Nyanta.

When “Log Horizon” was produced or released With no detailed information about Ruka, it’s still hard to speculate if they’ll be staying for the next episode.

But the fact that they’re happily back after the show’s final hiatus, which lasted over five years, is a good sign that fans can expect to hear from them again in Season 4.

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