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Westworld Season 5: Westworld Artificial Intelligence Hosts Are Returning To Blows Audience Mind.

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After a successful 4 seasons at one point it was discussed that it could be the last season of Westland and people didn’t expect any new season from Westland. Now, it was officially announced that season 5 will be launched soon next year. It will premiere on HBO in 2022.

As the show renewed the fifth season in 2020 and production starts in 2021. As per the updates this time the season will consist of 10 episodes which will include more hosts in the game and makes it even more complex this time. As we know season 1 how the story of a single person traveling in two different timelines.

Westworld’s unique concept with a mixture of artificial intelligence just blows people’s minds and is also a thrill to watch. Now the story plot of season 5 is still not revealed but more artificial intelligence will work on it. Fans’ expectations are very high as yet Westworld’s four seasons are completely satisfying to their audience and expect the same from season 5 also.

The show creator already claimed this time season will be bigger and better than the rest of the four seasons. More twists and turns will be there. Till yet no announcement of the date has been revealed, do fans have to wait for more?

Story plot of Westworld

Westland, a science fiction web series released in 2016 and just blows the audience’s mind. Still many people find it difficult to understand the plot of Westland. Westland is a deep and confusing web series and requires a lot of attention.

It is based on a future video game named Westland. Where the robots are the characters and are known as hosts of that game. Also, the humans who participate in that game are known as guests. In the video game Westland, the story revolves around four characters named Dolores, The man in black, Maeve Millay, and William.

All four are characters of Westland video games or say hosts of Westland. The Westland is full of artificial intelligence robots and real humans also joined it as guests to experience it rich people used to come here to complete their interest in cowboys. Here people are allowed to do anything with robots.

They can show full nominations on robots. Then turning came in the game and one statement started changing everything in the game the way Dolores met an astrologer who tells him to solve the maze puzzle and the story continues further.

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