Brandon Blackstock’s Net Worth, Early Life, Career and Much More

How much money does Brandon Blackstock make?

An American talent manager named Brandon Blackstock is worth $10 million. Blackstock’s marriage to singer Kelly Clarkson is perhaps what makes him most famous. After getting married in 2013, they have two kids together. In his previous relationship, he had two kids.

Net Worth: $10 Million

Gender: Male

Profession Talent manager

Nationality: America

Date of Birth: Dec 16, 1976, 45 years old

Place of Birth: Fort Worth

Young life

December 1976 saw the birth of Brandon Blackstock in Fort Worth, Texas. The manager of vocalist Clarkson, Narvel Blackstock, is the father of Brandon Blackstock, Reba McEntire’s stepson. From 1989 through 2015, Narvel and Reba were wed for 26 years. Soon after getting hitched, Narvel and Reba founded Starstruck Entertainment, a business that was responsible for overseeing all facets of Reba’s professional life.

Marvel reportedly received a sizable portion of Reba’s wealth—considered communal property—when they got divorced.

Meanwhile, in 2012 Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock got engaged, and they wed in 2013. Blackstock was legally still married to Melissa Ashworth at the time they met. In 2012 Brandon and Melissa’s divorce was finally completed. Brandon and Melissa became the parents of two kids. Kelly and Brandon have a son and a daughter together.

Real Estate

Brandon and Kelly spent their marriage living in an $8 million mansion in Encino, California. The 10,000-square-foot California estate that Kelly purchased in June 2018 and that the family moved into became their main residence. In the past, they had been renting a house in LA that had seen several break-ins. In May 2020, Kelly listed the Encino house for sale for a little less than $10 million. When it was finally sold in September 2021, the price was lowered to $8.24 million from $9 million.

Along with a ranch in Montana, they also had a house in Nashville, Tennessee. After the divorce, Kelly still had possession of the properties. In the end, a 5% ownership was given to Brandon.

The ranch had a $17 million market value at the time of that 5% award.


In June 2020, Kelly filed for divorce. A few months prior, they listed their Encino house for $10 million. Their Nashville property has been up for sale since 2018.

Brandon submitted paperwork in early December 2020 asking for spousal support for $436,000 per month. Specifically, he asked for $301,000 in spousal support and $135,000 in child support. In addition, he asked for a one-time $2 million payment to cover legal costs. Additionally, Brandon declared that he wished for their two children to live in Montana with him.

A few weeks later, Kelly submitted legal papers to the California Labor Commission in which she charged Brandon with defrauding her throughout the 13 years he managed her. Additionally, she said Brandon lacked the necessary licensing to act as a talent agent in California, where such agents are required to be licensed. Kelly was consistently properly represented during that time by her own independent talent agency CAA, a spokesperson for Brandon’s business, Starstruck Management Group, countered.

A judge ordered Kelly to give Brandon $195,000 per month in support in April 2021. It was divided into $250,000 in spousal support, which will last for two years, and $45,000 per month in child support, which is expected to last until their children turn 18.

He received a lump sum payment of $1.2 million to cover his legal costs.

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