Carole Baskin Net Worth, How Much Money Does Carole Baskin Make?

The mystery surrounding Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis’ disappearance in August 1997 is almost as baffling as her estimated net worth from the Netflix series Tiger King. By now, everyone and their mothers have watched Tiger King, a seven-episode Netflix documentary about the private ownership of big cats in the country.

Work: Animal Rights Activist

Nationality: American

Net Worth: $ 7 million

Born: June 06, 1961 

Birthplace: Texas, America

The documentary also follows the tense conflict between Joe Exotic, the founder of Oklahoma’s Great Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, and Carole Baskin, the CEO of Florida’s Big Cat Rescue, whose divergent views on how to treat exotic animals turn deadly. However, the documentary doesn’t just focus on animal abuse in our backyard.

The documentary raised several queries, but one that viewers were interested in was Carole Baskin’s estimated net worth.

The Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit animal sanctuary located in Tampa, Florida, and is run by Carole. When the rescue first began, it was known as Wildlife on Easy Street and offered guests the chance to spend the night in their cabin with a young wild cat. The park changed its name in 1995 and turned into an animal sanctuary. The organization claims that it educates people about the drawbacks of privately owned animals using its past as a bed and breakfast. The price of tickets at the sanctuary is unknown, but a 2018 Groupon page indicates that tours can be had for a full $29 per person

When she was a teenager, Carole Baskin worked in a department store. According to reports, she started breeding cats for sale and ran a small lawn maintenance business to supplement her income. After establishing The Big Cat Rescue with her then-husband Don Lewis in 1992, she later rose to the position of CEO of this non-profit animal sanctuary. She currently advocates for animals.

How much money does Carole Baskin make?

Carole’s exact worth is unknown, but according to The Famous Data, the environmentalist is worth between $1 million and $10 million. Carole received a sizable inheritance from her late husband Don Lewis, who vanished in 1997, in addition to the money she earns as CEO of the Big Cat Rescue.

Don maintained a prosperous business before going missing, buying and selling machine components and metal. Real estate investing was another lucrative venture for him and Carole. He reportedly had a $5 million real estate portfolio before he vanished.

How much was Don Lewis’s estate left to Carole Baskin?

Don was declared legally dead by Carole for five years, one day after his disappearance. After that, Carole allegedly stole the majority of Don’s estate for himself, according to Don’s family. Cheat Sheet claims that despite Don’s interests being worth more than $5 million, his only gift to his children was a $1 million property.

On the website, it is also stated that Carole has a temporary court order authorizing her to use $152,000 from Don’s real estate ventures to run the Big Cat Rescue. According to Cheat Sheet, she later negotiated settlements to give Don’s daughters with his ex-wife before Carole—her stepdaughters—$1 million so she could keep the rest for herself.

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