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Complaints from Apple Users: Teamfight Tactics Crashing Issue

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Despite being a different game mode on macOS and Windows, the well-known auto-combat game TFT: Teamfight Tactics is a standalone game for iOS and Android. Players must advance in stages, and each stage consists of three rounds. Eight players compete against one another.

The game’s auto-battles take place on a hexagonal battlefield, and in order to win, players must position their forces strategically. The game has attracted over 80 million users and repeatedly debuted at the top of the rankings, turning it into a popular mobile gaming application.

Unfortunately, a number of iOS players have complained that the game regularly freezes and crashes. Many players find it frustrating because the game is still glitchy even after updating to the most recent version, which was meant to address the issue. The players have taken to Twitter to request an anticipated release date for the update.

Daily players of this game become irate and upset when they are unable to join matches. Every time some players sought a match, the app would shut. Despite the fact that the problem is widespread and was caused by a server crash, many individuals mistakenly believed that the problem was with the device.

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Players would be redirected straight to lobby areas because the game would not reconnect, or the app would crash. The game failing after each round is one of the issues that other gamers have experienced. More than a day has passed since a number of disgruntled iOS users posted about these problems on Twitter and Reddit.

Simple troubleshooting techniques like rebooting the device and the Internet, logging out and back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, etc. did not work.

Thankfully, Riot Games acknowledged a tweet and said the problem has gotten worse and is being looked into. They also expressed regret for the trouble.

Riot Harja, the TFT Q&A manager on Twitter, first claimed that TFT ranked queues had been blocked ever since a serious server outage. They are currently developing a solution, which they want to implement as soon as possible today.

In a subsequent tweet, he acknowledged that great strides were being made to remedy the problem, but that it would take until tomorrow morning for the problem to be fixed. He also notes the complexity of the issue and the fact that the precise cause of it has not been identified.

Players of Teamfight Tactics eventually expressed their gratitude to Riot for acknowledging the problem, but many remained critical since the remedy was taking so long. Users were baffled by this entire circumstance and how such a bad update could have passed QA.

He said that ranked queues have been temporarily blocked due to a server crash, thus Riot recommended you not to use this game mode if it still shows up on your phone.

We hope the Teamfight Tactics developers can identify the source of this problem as soon as possible and test updates to enhance iOS users’ future gameplay.

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