Is EST GEE is a Real Name of Rapper..? Know Details

Rapper Est Gee, 28, is from the United States. He made a name for himself with his debut album, “I Still Don’t Feel Nun.” Est Gee’s net worth is anticipated to be about $700,000 as of 2022.

Because of his ability to rhyme songs, his friends encouraged him to get a degree in college. At that time, the acronym EST was developed. It means Everybody Shine Together and comprises the letters Gee, which stands for George, his real name.

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At Early Age

Est Gee was born in Missouri, USA, on May 11, 1994. He spent his early years being brought up in Louisville. Because of his mafia father, Est had a challenging upbringing. He even had difficult financial circumstances.

The only individual he and his brother and sister could rely on to make ends meet was their mother. Early in 2020, Est lost his mother following a lengthy fight with leukemia. His sibling was shot and murdered on the street a week after his mother passed away.

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He pursued his education despite his dire financial circumstances. His admission to Indiana State University was supported by a sports scholarship. He was a standout football player throughout his college years. Later, he considered pursuing music and abandoned his academic career to do so.

Est Gee’s Career

In 2019 he self-released two albums under the names “El Toro” and “Die Bloody.” The songs he later worked on helped him achieve early popularity. On March 6, 2020, he released the seven-song album “Ion Feel Nun.”

Est went on to become fairly well-known when the album “I Still Don’t Feel Nun” was released in December 2020. On the song, he got the chance to work with well-known rappers like Yo Gotti.

Gee just released many significant hit songs. His official music video for the 42 Dugg collaboration, “Est Gee x 42 Dugg-Members Only,” was released in January 2021. After receiving more than 5.7 million YouTube views, the song became a tremendous hit.”Young Shiners” and “Phetamine,” two of his most recent hits, are examples.

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Est Gee Total Worth

By 2022, Est Gee will have acquired a net worth of almost $700,000. His new songs, which he is continuously writing, will raise the value of his present fortune. Est and Lil Baby collaborate on the song “Real As It Gets” in March 2021. Est and Baby appeared in a music video for a song that included lavish jewelry and expensive vehicles.

Est Gee’s Private Life

Although we don’t yet know his marital status, sources tell us he has a child who was born in 2019.

In 2016, Est faced significant difficulties on his own. He was charged with trafficking 12 pounds of marijuana at the time of his arrest. Similarly to this, he was shot five times in Atlanta in September 2019 as he was recording a video. The gun battle left him with injuries to his stomach and left eye. He needed to have two surgeries done in order to recover his left eye.

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