Know About Aydan Conrad Earnings, Net worth And Much More

Call of Duty: Warzone participant and broadcaster Aydan Conrad is well-known. He has participated in and won a number of tournaments for the game, including the Fortnite World Cup. Formerly a member of Ghost Gaming under the name Ghost Aydan, he is now a member of NYSL, or New York Subliners.

According to other community members, he is one of the best Warzone gamers. He participated in the game and earned more than $300k in prizes. Danielle MissSweets8 a different Warzone gamer and livestream, and Aydan are presently dating.

He maintains active accounts on Twitch and YouTube. His Twitch account has almost 2.6 million followers, and he has over 1.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Over 8,000 to 10,000 people watch him stream live. Aydan broadcasts fairly frequently, mostly playing Warzone or Fortnite. He currently has the highest Twitch viewership of any Warzone channel in the English language.

What is Aydan’s overall net worth?

The estimated net worth of Aydan Conrad is $2 million or more. He is an extremely talented Warzone player, as shown by the numerous tournament victories he has amassed throughout his career. Aydan has won more than $500k in prizes from competitions.

He is presently a member of the New York Subliners, or NYSL. Many well-known companies, including MSI, Hello Fresh, and Scuf, are also supporting Conrad. Aydan has been questioned by numerous news organisations about his influence in the gaming business and the Call of Duty: Warzone competitive scene.

Which streaming platform does Aydan use?

As of right moment, Aydan only streams on the Amazon-owned site where he is a verified Twitch partner.

His Twitter account is where you can get any updates to his streaming schedule. For those who can’t watch his streams live, Aydan posts highlights reels and edited snippets of his games on his YouTube channel two to three times every week.

How much does Aydan get paid?

Aydan has a number of publicised income streams, such as his successful esports career and his YouTube and Twitch feeds. He routinely participates in Warzone tournaments, almost usually placing well and taking home cash. He was able to secure sponsorship agreements with companies like MSI thanks to his organisation, NYSL.

According to estimates, Aydan Conrad earns over $400k annually from his sponsorship deals, esports career, YouTube channel, Twitch channel, and YouTube channel. In addition, he receives payments from the donations made to him by Twitch viewers. If he signed a contract for a fixed monthly salary, he might also be getting paid by his company.

In 2018, Aydan began working as a content creator for Ghost Gaming. In April 2020, two years after joining the company, he left. He joined NYSL as a content creator on March 17, 2021, which was almost a year later.

Call of Duty: Warzone competitions feature Aydan quite frequently.

His most recent appearance was in the tournament’s Grand Finals on November 2, 2021, in Verdansk.

Career on Twitch for Aydan

On March 29, 2016, when he would have been 16 or 17, Aydan opened an account on Twitch. Since then, his account has gained a lot of followers, and it now has about 2.6 million. He receives between 8,000 and 10,000 live viewers for each stream.

Conrad typically streams for five to six, and occasionally seven, days a week. On Twitch, he is very active and uploads new videos less frequently than he streams content. Anywhere from six to eight hours are spent on each of his streams.

With almost 3.5k hours of broadcast time on his account, Call of Duty: Warzone is the game he plays the most. With 3.3k hours, Fortnite comes in second place. Aydan has also occasionally played a variety of other games, including Call of Duty games and World of Warcraft. He has broadcast about 8,000 hours in total.

The most popular Call of Duty: Warzone channel in English right now is Aydan’s channel.

Without the language barrier, he would be ranked second overall on the platform. The streamer is also one of the top 100 most-watched Twitch channels overall.

Career on YouTube for Aydan

On May 21, 2013, Aydan launched a YouTube channel. He currently has more than 1.4 million subscribers and 677 uploads totaling 146 million views of videos.

At least two to three videos from the YouTuber’s Twitch channel are uploaded each week. A while after he joined Ghost Gaming’s roster, his earliest videos are from October 2018. All of Conrad’s earliest videos are focused on Fortnite. He began concentrating on Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay about a year ago, and he now uploads that content.

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