Know About Venice Zohar Coppola, Daughter of Weston Cage and His Other Twin Kids

Two times as happy Nicolas Cage’s eldest son Weston Cage Coppola and his wife Hila Aronian had identical twin daughters on April 8, In Touch can reveal, making the actor the grandfather of four adorable kids.

A source exclusively tells In Touch that “this is a really happy time for Nic and the entire family.” Everyone is thrilled for Nic, and I’m sure he will be a wonderful grandpa.

FULL NAME : Venice Zohar Cage Coppola


PARENTS : Weston Coppola Cage, Hila Cage Coppola

DATE OF BIRTH : April 9 2020

1. Lucian, Weston Cage’s infant son

The renowned actor and producer Weston is the

Father of four children—two sons and two daughters—as was previously mentioned. He and Danielle Cage, his ex-wife whom he wed on November 11, 2013, share two sons.

2. The Second Son of Weston Cage and Danielle

As previously mentioned, Weston Cage shares two children with his ex-girlfriend Danielle Cage. Sorin Reid Cage Coppola, the son of Weston Cage, was born on May 29, 2016, two years after the birth of Lucian.

Hila posted a photo of herself holding the new kids on Facebook along with the exciting news. The pleased mother revealed their unusual names in her letter, Formally introducing and greeting Cyress Zara and Venice Zohar Cage Coppola.

On April 8, 2020, my identical twin daughters were born at a gestational age of 36 weeks and two days. Advanced and awake, eyes are wide open, holding their heads held high, and acting like two-month-olds. Despite being incredibly powerful and physically identical, they have radically different personalities.

Weston’s wife always knew she was going to conceive twins since she informed three separate obstetricians of her pregnancy before they could even confirm it. Hila exclaimed in her birthday greeting, Happy birthday my gorgeous little girls.

The couple’s first offspring together are Cyress and Venice. In addition, Lucian, 5, and Sorin, 3 years old, are the two boys from Weston’s first marriage to ex-wife Danielle Cage.

Hila Celebrated Anniversary

In December 2019, Hila and Weston celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, and she recently gushed over his kind heart. I am assure of that I can count on your love and affection as sure as the sun rises, the new mother wrote. I hope I could demonstrate to you. Just a little bit of how precious you make me feel every day today! I lose count of the number of times I think of you every day. I think and feel about you constantly.

The Primal singer, 56, is overjoyed for his son and daughter-in-law as they grow their family with two adorable baby daughters.

[Nicolas and Weston] are both in a stage of life where spending time with loved ones and appreciating the good things in life means more than anything, the insider says In Touch


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