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Alma Gonzales

Alma Gonzales was a Los Angeles, California,-based dancer. She rose to fame thanks to her union with Richard Thomas, despite the fact that she was a great self-taught dancer.He is an American actor who has won numerous awards and nominations for his work in films and television series. Even after his role as John-Boy in The Waltons ended, he has maintained his popularity in the entertainment industry for decades.

Full name: Alma Gonzales

Nickname: Alma, Gonzales

Gender: Female

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Black

Sexual orientation: Straight

Religion: Christianity

Marital status: Divorced

Ex-spouse: Richard Thomas

Years in marriage: 17 years

Children: Gweneth Gonzales Thomas, Barbara Ayala Thomas, Richard Francisco Thomas, and Pilar Alma Thomas

Education: Local schools in Los Angeles, California

Profession: Former dancer Famous for Being the ex-wife of actor Richard Thomas

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Five things to know about the ex-wife of Richard Thomas

1. Alma Gonzales danced by herself.

One of the main reasons she first met Richard Thomas was because his wife was a talented dancer. In the 1970s, Thomas and Gonzales met for the first time at the Fez, a Middle Eastern-themed Los Angeles nightclub that specialized in folk dancing. At the time, she was the best dancer in the club.

His parents owned the New York School of Ballet and were members of the New York City Ballet, so Richard grew up with dancers; Alma was neither a dancer nor a trained ballerina. She went to a junior college in the area and was born in Los Angeles, California. She taught Chicanos English before she danced in nightclubs.

2. She had Richard Thomas as her husband.

Richard Thomas and Alma were both married. He is a talented actor who has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed films and television shows. He became famous for playing John-Boy Walton, a budding author, in the CBS drama series The Waltons. He was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, received an Emmy Award, and performed in this role.

He has also appeared in the roles of:1969 as Peter; 1971 as Harley Macintosh in Cactus in the Show; 1971 in The Homecoming: Beyond the Prairie: John Boy Walton’s A Christmas Story, 1989The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder, starring Charles Ingalls (1991), Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, starring James O’Hanlan (2011), Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, starring Dick (2021), and The Walton’s Homecoming, starring John-Boy Walton (voice).

Alma Gonzales and Richard Thomas first met at a nightclub where she was a dancer. He fell in love right away because of his background in dance and his passion for it. The couple got married in 1975, after having been together for some time. Sadly, the union ended in divorce at some point.

3. She has four children.

Richard Junior, Pilar, Barbara, and Gwyneth are her children. In 1976, she gave birth to Richard, her first child, following her union with the well-known actor. The lovely couple gave birth to their triplets five years later. Richard never shied away from praising Alma for being an amazing wife and mother throughout their life as a couple. For instance, at the first Mexican-themed birthday party for the triplets, he thanked her for making everything go smoothly.

4. In 1993, she filed for divorce.

Is Alma Gonzales still Richard Thomas’s wife? No, unfortunately. Alma filed for divorce from Richard after 17 years of marriage. Until the early 1990s, when things started to break down, the couple appeared to have one of the strongest unions in Hollywood at first.
Alma’s desire for separation shocked Richard, who believed they had a happy marriage.

Alma, on the other hand, acknowledged that Richard was taken aback by Alma’s desire for a divorce in March 1992, but she also stated that if Richard had been truly in touch with her, he would have noticed that things were not going well between them.

The couple was able to come to an amicable conclusion for the sake of their four children, despite the unexpected and shocking information. They applied for shared custody, and they have been successfully co-parenting since then.

5. She has decided to live a quiet life.

Following her divorce from Richard, she decided to keep her private life private.In contrast, her ex-husband has found love again after a divorce that brought him to his knees.Georgiana Bischoff, a Santa Fe art dealer, won him over.

They got married on November 20, 1994, after spending some time together dating.From her previous marriage, she has Brooke and Kendra, two daughters; Richard has four: Richard Junior, Pilar, Barbara, and Gwyneth.Afterward, Georgiana and Richard extended their family when they invited their lone kid together, Montana (child), in 1996.

Alma Gonzales put happiness ahead of fame, despite being married to a well-known actor.Consequently, she chose to seek a divorce rather than ending a marriage that did not fulfill her needs.She has kept a low profile ever since the breakup, but she has been doing a great job co-parenting with Richard, who has since left and remarried Georgiana.

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