Some Easy Ways to Detect Whether Person Reads Your Messages In Face book [Complete Guide]

You may be curious to find out if your partner, friend, coworker, or a new acquaintance has read a crucial text you sent to them, especially if it has been a while since they have responded. Is this guy ignoring you or is his phone just not in his possession? If so, how can you determine on Android if someone reads your text?

There are four free ways to show the status of a message you sent, making it possible for you to ascertain whether a message has been read in a day when technology is quickly changing the way we interact. Continue reading to learn how to determine if your text was read.

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Different kinds of ways

1. Activate Read Receipts in the Android Message App.

Messages apps on many Android phones now have read receipts, which display a “Read” notation next to a text’s timestamp when it has been read. However, you can only communicate with other Android users who have turned on reading receipts. Let’s demonstrate how read receipts may be used to determine whether a text has been read on an Android device.

How to Make the Android Message App Send Read Receipts Available

  1. your Android device’s Messages app should be opened.
  2. By touching the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, choose Settings.
  3. Turn on Send read receipts under Chat Features.

You’ll see that some of the options might change depending on the model of Android phone you have: Send, read, or request receipts for content. You must switch on the appropriate one.

2. Verify the status of your Facebook messages.

Users cannot disable Read Receipts because Facebook wants users to feel forced to react to messages. Consequently, you may check the status of a text message you send using the Facebook Messenger app.

How to Know If Someone Read Your Facebook Text

  1. Your message has been successfully sent if you see a blue circle with a tick inside it.
  2. Your receiver has viewed your message if he has a little contact photo of him.
  3. A blue circle indicates that your message has been sent, but not yet received.
  4. A checked box inside a filled-in blue circle indicates that your message was delivered but not viewed by the intended recipient.

3. Enabling read receipts for WhatsApp

WhatsApp gives read receipts by default, but you may also decide whether to activate or disable them. Two grey checkmarks signify that the text has been delivered, whereas two double-blue checkmarks show that it has been read.

How to Enable Read Receipts in the WhatsApp App

  1. Activate the WhatsApp app.
  2. Find Settings by navigating to the screen’s three dots.
  3. Activate Account > Privacy Examine invoices.

4. To transmit a seen status, use Viber.

The Send saw status may be turned on or off in Viber, similar to WhatsApp, so you can check if someone has read your text and improve the discussion. The receiver has seen the SMS message, shown by two purple checkmarks, and it is still sending with one checkmark.

How to Make Viber’s Send-Seen Status Available

  1. Launch Viber.
  2. In the lower right corner, select More.
  3. Up the screen, swipe until you find Settings. Toggle on Send seen status under Privacy.

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