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Top 3 Beginner-Friendly Tools to Create Images Without a Background

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Jack Lewis
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There are different situations in which you might need to remove the background from an image quickly. For instance, when you use a picture for a project and need to reuse it for other purposes. In this case, removing the background and making the subject part of a different design will help.

You don’t need to have expert design skills to obtain a picture with no background. This can be easily achieved with the help of special online tools. Read further to learn more about web-based BG removers and their perks.

Why do you need backgroundless images?

The only visible elements in backgroundless images are the main objects. Due to the fact that the background doesn’t exist, these pictures can be integrated into any design and applied on any colored visual organically. Here are four basic ideas for using backgroundless images.

Animation creation

Animation requires multiple stacked images to create the effect of movement. Sometimes, these images are made by in-house designers and are transparent by default. Sometimes, however, the perfect visual might have a background. Removing it is necessary to make the animation look accurate and appealing.

Poster design

Posters are usually created using numerous pictures and design elements. But, suitable visuals don’t always have transparent backgrounds. In this case, background removal will make the design task easier and allow you to combine various visual items.

Moodboard creation

Creators can use visuals like photographs and vectors to create moodboards. These inspiring compositions usually feature desired thematic attributes and contribute to successful visualization. Image backgrounds are distracting and unnecessary when making eye-catching collages for moodboards; that’s why removing them is beneficial.

Video creation

Some videos require the use of pictures in them — for instance, wedding films may contain photos of the bride and the groom on a splash screen. In this case, it would be better to remove the background of the original photo and add the isolated subject(s) over a color or more exciting background. Or, when assembling a YouTube video, you might want to create a fun thumbnail, which will have the main elements seen in the footage.

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Common file formats suitable for saving images without backgrounds

There are various file formats available for numerous purposes, although not all of them support transparency. To be able to maintain a background-free visual, you have to choose PNG, GIF, or SVG format. They are the only ones that can ensure you’ll have a transparent image the next time you open or use it in a design. However, GIFs and SVGs can also be used to store visuals with existing backgrounds. Therefore, it’s always better to double check if the image you’re downloading is really transparent.

How to quickly get background-free images

Using free online tools is the best way to quickly and easily remove photo backgrounds. Such tools offer only the necessary features and have user-friendly navigation. This way, beginner creators can effortlessly make transparent visuals without investing resources into professional graphics editing software. Read on to discover three popular web-based tools used for background removal.

1.    Depositphotos Background Remover

Depositphotos Background Remover is a beginner-friendly tool that runs on AI-based algorithms. The system employs a neural network to automatically scan an image, identify its foreground objects, isolate the background, and delete it. The tool is available at and requires a creation of a free account to download results. You can sign up manually by entering your email and setting up a password, or use your existing Google or Facebook account.

The Depositphotos tool allows you to process JPG, JPEG, and PNG images (up to 15 MB in size) and stores files for seven days, so you can edit them again if needed. When editing, you can operate the Erase and Restore brushes, as well as adjust their hardness and size for better precision. A free result is available in medium size and standard quality. You can also purchase a subscription to download background-free images in HD.

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2. is a simple online tool helping you create backgroundless images quickly. The built-in editor allows you to delete or restore parts of a visual and add a new background. The remover supports JPG and PNG images with a size that doesn’t exceed 12 MB. You don’t need to register to process pictures and download results in small sizes. However, you have to sign up and purchase credits or a subscription to download processed visuals in HD. Registration will also give you one free credit to download HD results.

3.    PicWish

PicWish is an AI-powered BG removal app. You can use it online or download a Windows version supporting bulk removal. The tool not only helps you create images without backgrounds in PNG format, but also allows basic editing, such as photo resizing, adding shadows, and more. PicWish doesn’t set any requirements for file upload, so you can process the smallest and the largest visuals you have.

To sum up

Creating an image with a transparent background is easier than it might seem. You don’t need professional design skills or expensive software. Instead, you can use one of the many online tools that quickly does the job for you. Explore the presented above erasers to choose the suitable tool and start creating backgroundless visuals for your striking designs.


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