Top 10 Biggest Flop Games of all Time – What Happened to them?

10 Biggest Flop Games

Every passing year, hundreds of games come out by different Gaming Studios. Each game has its own taste of story-line, characteristics and genre. Most of the games got huge success and in the end their makers are rewarded with excellent ratings and millions of dollars.

However there are some games that didn’t got any success in markets which can be worst to even play.

1. Duke Nukem Forever (2011)


No doubt Duke Nukem was the most hyped game of the year 2011 but it was one of the biggest flops of the gaming world. Jim Sterling described the game as the most “Shittest Game of 2011”. Ben Yahtzee, creator of Zero Punctuation rated it as “Second Worst Game of 2011” due to its poor game play, style and graphics.

According to NPD analytics firm, 376,000 copies were sold in first month which was only half to the expectations.

2. Aliens Colonial Marines:


The Aliens movies mostly the first two parts were huge success and were known for the best Sci Fi movies. Unlike movies, the game got just the the brand name Aliens and nothing more. This game was huge disaster according to reviews by different gaming markets. The game was buggy and had poor gameplay. Other features like multiplayer mode badly effected the success rate of the game.

SEGA, game the creator of this game had accepted the failure and settled a $1.25 million as a lawsuit because the game was not as good as advertised.

3. Rugby 2015:


In sport games each year, FIFA gets huge success, sales and reviews. Rugby 15 game got less success due to its unrealistic game play. Unlike its previous versions, Rugby 15’s gameplay is not near to how rugby is played in real life. According to IGN and Game Radar, most of the Rugby 15 gameplay was too easy to play and did not correspond to how actually Rugby is played.

According to Metacritic, Rugby 15 got 19 out 100 rating which makes it a fail.

4. Star Trek 2013


Star Trek 2013 got critics due to its bad story line, game play and bugginess. And their were not special effects that makes the game amazing to play. Star Trek was a huge let down to the director of Star Trek movie, which was released with video game. JJ Abrams was deeply disappointed by the game reviews and according to reports, it also affected his movie. Star Trek game got 4.2/10 rating by IGN and 2/5 by Metacritic.

5. Rambo The Video Game


Rambo movies were the most successful of all time but unlike the movies, Rambo video game did not go well. The game was rail shooter as John Rambo player. Game’s storyline and combat was based on movie First Blood, First Blood II and Rambo III.

The game got the most criticism due to no light gun support. Rambo used only heavy guns in the game. Xbox 360 and PS3 game versions got 23/100 ratings.

6. The Sims 4


The Sims 4 was highly amazing life simulation game in which create sims and control their real life emotions. Building homes, going for jobs and having fun with other sims.

This game was a major drawback due to no new feature in The Sims 4. According to IGN, it was only an upgraded version of The Sims 3 with no online feature. The game was a $60 gaming package without any online feature.

7. Driver 3


Developed by Atari and Reflections interactive, this game was set to be highly advanced. Driver 1 and Driver 2 had huge success in the past in PC gaming. Driver 2 had an open-world experience which made its successor’s expectations even higher.

It was finally released in 2004 and got immediately universally panned. It got under huge criticism by gamers. The 3 hour single player mode, frustrating controls, disjoint movements of the player outside the vehicle were the failures of this game. Atari faced $16.9 million loss in just 6 months.

8. Resident Evil: Opeation Racoon City


Operation Racoon City was third player shooting game was smartly focused on online feature released in 2012. Sadly got most of the critics due to its poor designing, gameplay and bugs.

Racoon City was not that much flop as its post reviews and low profile release suggested. However game has sold 2 million units to date in three platforms which were indeed better than Resident Evil’s other spin-off games.

9. Guitar Hero 5


The Guitar Hero gaming series in one of the most successful in history which insanely made $2million in sales. The franchise kept growing and made billions in sales. The fourth series of the game ‘World Tour’ was the peak of Guitar Hero gaming series. After that, the franchise lost its momentum.

Guitar Hero 5 was not as successful as its previous series were in the past. Only 5 million units were sold and that was financial disappointment for the franchise.

10. Godzilla


Godzilla game was created by Bandai Namco based on old movies of Godzilla. It was in animated format in which Godzilla is grown to 100m tall monster. This game includes other big monsters like Mesha Godzilla, Destroyah, King Ghidorah, Gigan, etc.

The order of the game is the destruction of city and blow as many generators but it doesn’t seem as easy as other ‘monster pooped up for battle’ games. PlayStation 4 exclusively includes Space Godzilla and ability to battle two monsters at a time.

Sadly this game didn’t got much success and  got only 4.5/10 rating by IGN and 2/5 rating by metacritics.

It is evident that not all video games are created equal. Some video games receive high praise from gamers and critics while others flop miserably. The reasons for a video game’s success or failure can vary, but often it comes down to the game’s design, gameplay, and graphics. It is important for developers to take these factors into account when creating a new video game in order to avoid disappointment among gamers and investors alike.


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